3.4 Known Issues (PC/Mobile/Console)


Some updates

Notifications are not received when a Guild Member starts a Pet Event: To receive notifications on a Pet Event the Pet Event must be active. However, notifications will only happen after a battle is completed (this is as designed).

The “%1h %2m” is a display issue, and restarting the game is a workaround for this.

Pet Rewards can’t be collected if the event ends during a battle: Message “Event has ended” if they aren’t manually collected already -Fixed 5 hours ago to stop this happening, but please contact support with 'Missing rewards’ if this affected you before the fix.
@DEMONorANGEL @awryan @others with the issue


@cyrup not sure if this was reported already. I keep getting this glitch on the pet pre-battle screen.


What device is this on @Jainus?


iPad Pro. Same happens on my iPhone.


I also get a similar odd collection of little icons next to the word VIP at top left of the map screen. This was therefore before the update. Unsure if it’s a bug? But it looks rubbish.



Earlier I use to be able to access the guild chat but when I was typing words it wouldn’t show up after clicking send.

Now I just can’t access any game chat at all, it perpetually load with the circle thingy spinning forever.

I am on Android with a LG G5


We are currently investigating guild chat.


Loading times are horrible on ps4 since update



The mana count number on characters is missing. Can no longer see how much troop mana costs, or how much mana you have gathered.


From what I can tell this bug is caused by the faster animation times. I also theorize that using 4x speed causes bizarre miscalculations in gem drops (which I then assume is true of speeds above 1x). I say these things because I used to use 4x a lot when farming, but then I got lazy about switching back and forth on 4x and 1.5x speed and played at 4x at all times. It was like I was losing my mind. Extra turns would disappear, and the computer would seemingly “cheat” at gem drops more often. That, and sometimes it seemed like a color storm would happen when there wasn’t one, and when there WAS a color storm out, drops would feel unchanged.

Maybe it’s just superstition, but the game feels much more… sensible now that stick to 2x.



May 2nd


Still can’t see guildchat. When I try to connect to chat I get the loading wheel that never goes away. Clicking back on my phone removes it and I can see some guildchat but nothing I type shows up.

Also calendar is working today but the welcome reward ends in 3 days and I am 1 day short because of yesterday’s bug. Not a big reward Im missing out on but still it’s an issue.


Game is hanging on loading screen when trying to enter a battle of any type - if I have made a change to my team by using the edit team on the fight screen or just rearrange my team on that same screen.

What platform you are playing on?
Android 7.0

When did the issue begin occurring and how frequent is it?
Started with the update and seems to be consistent.

A screenshot?
Of me changing a team? or a stuck loading screen?

Any other information (enemy troops, traits active, what you were doing previously)
I did reinstall my game and it’s still happening.


Go into your settings and see if “Show Spell/Mana info” is checked.


I think I saw @Sheba mention this somewhere, but it’s not in the list from what I noticed:

In Explore mode, you can click on troops while the start-of-battle traits are activating (cool). If you do, the animations on these traits occur at 1x speed regardless of what you have selected for speed. Will try other game modes shortly and report back.

Edit: also happens in PVP and Invasion (edit) Raid.


I only noticed it in raid so far, to be honest. My explore seems fine - but that might be because I use a team with a lower number of activating traits there. My raid team is right now VERY horrible when it comes to traits (2x CoA, Ysabelle, Gwayne). However, my yellow GW team is equally bad, with bard hero and all that, and didn’t have that issue last week.


This could be covered by “Glory packs display incorrect rewards” but it’s not glory packs, it’s all chests. I first noticed this but couldn’t capture a screenshot quickly enough the night of 3.4 going live. I’ve since managed to catch a glimpse of it when opening Gem, Glory, and Gold chests on four occasions. This time I was able to get a quick 15-second clip, where you’ll see the error reward and that I only receive 13, NOT 14 (like the number of chests I opened) rewards.

Link to Twitter clip: https://twitter.com/DEREKtHOUSE/status/991743139571433473

Hey @gemsofwar - please see this vid-missing rewards bug. i'll upload to forum as well. This is 4th time since 3.4 that I've *noticed* this happening from gold or glory chests, but have no idea how often since i don't always watch the opening of all 200. #GemsofWar #XboxShare pic.twitter.com/V48YkGUwaG

— Derek House (@DEREKtHOUSE) May 2, 2018


I won a “new” Pet Gnome card in the Vault just now but it does not show in my troops listing anywhere (including Vault kingdom)
(Ticket submitted)


Okay - Submitted ticket for missing rewards, but probably should be escalated as I’m sure many users are impacted but may not realize it if they aren’t watching chest openings (and we know how few actually do!)



Don’t have time to go through nearly 200 posts so this may have been covered.

In game chat does not work while a pet event is going on. This on Android and PC.

Also there really needs to be some type of a timer for the 1 hour events so you if you have enough to go for it or do something less involved.

Also you should not have to restart the game to get a pet event notification. That is a design flaw that constitutes a bug IMHO.