3.3 Feedback and suggestions

  • The non-transparent board is beautiful! Really, really beautiful and wonderful!:rabbit::hearts::rabbit: I’m so happy this happened! I can play TH again!
  • The fainter particles (especially during casting) are also soooo much better!:rabbit::hearts::rabbit:
  • I do seem to get a tiny bit more starting delay from the new animations of traits triggering at the start of battle, though (4x speed).
  • Pretty impossible to give feedback on the new modes yet, so I won’t assume anything there so far, but I definitely love how countdowns are shown!
  • I’m not super-sure how I feel about the new banners. On one hand, they’re super-amazing-fancy. On the other hand, it’s very hard to make out the symbols in the middle and, depending on their colors, I can’t see it at all. Hopefully, I’ll learn to identify them otherwise.
  • Anariel immune to Mana Drain and Silence. This… could not be worse. This is a nightmare. Not sure why she wasn’t nerfed along with Nyx - glad Nyx happened, though - but wow she wrecks everything even more now.
  • I find that top left big image in the games section which right now only shows TH and is apparently supposed to also show different events once available, really a bit irritating and unneeded. Not a big thing, but it keeps throwing me off that something is going to be displayed twice there.
  • The fact that a fully ascended/leveled troop still has those buttons clickable in the new menu but nothing happens (also no “you reached max level” message or anything) might confuse some players, I’m not sure.
  • That you adjusted the guild chests level back is nice, even though I have to get used to it again now.:joy:
  • That gold chests are still the second from the left seems odd… I guess if you leave it like that forever because players are used to it like that now is a viable option, though.
  • I personally find the new traiting menu more confusing than it was, but I’m not sure if I’m not the only one. Somehow, I find it harder instead of easier to keep track of my Arcanes now.
  • The lag when opening kingdom menus now is kinda annoying, don’t like the loading wheel appearing every time. But then again… explore is so much faster now that getting into the menu is not needed as often anymore now anyway. Love that button!

EDIT: Got my first two gnomes in explore. 3 Celestials and 3 Event Keys. These guys are generous! Definitely appreciating that!


All seems good aside the WE shops and the Valraven… in short the additional Sigils.

So the top players in the new Leaderboard will be the ones:

  • who spend gems to buy Sigils in the Shop
  • who are lucky enough to find many Valraven

Thanks for the suggestions. I am likely going to hold off on posting a ltitle here unless there are specific questions to answer or misinformation to clarify, so that discussion can be free-flowing and the top suggestions identified accordingly :slight_smile:

Whoa! Vault is HUGE!
Also Cedric Sparklesack looks absolutely amazing!:smiley: I love his design! We need more troops with glasses, I swear!


Cursor defaults on play again. Stay calm, mash A. Win


I have one question:

We can unlock Tier only with gems?

2nd impression:

Congrats, I don’t want to get off the game. Must find more Treasure gnomes. well done.

  • I love the new Banners! Great job!!!
  • Minor Thing: In Treasure Hunt the post report Gems are common (grey), shouldn’t they be a bit higher classification?
  • Unnecessary Clutter: The word “Level” on the front of every troops main image is big and completely un-necessary. Just have the nuber. For example You don’t have Troop Alchemist Kingdom Adana, we just see the info.

I have more… But want to test/enjoy the update, but so far its great.

I… I am not complaining, but are you guys really knowing what you are doing to the economy because what is this?!:flushed:



Its best just to enjoy it. They’re releasing more everything to compensate.

well now.

goes to furiously play game until he gets all the vault keys

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I know, right? And those rewards aren’t even changed by difficulty, so nothing wrong with 1-shotting everything in the vault with a single Sunbird cast just like in explore.
If this keeps up I’m going to marry Cedric, I swear. He’s not much bigger than a bunny anyway.


I’m getting very irritated with the lack of attention to how unbalanced the four horsemen are while cards that are not a problem get inexplicably nerfed. Cards like Khorvash and the Dragon Soul are the only way to compete with a team in the 8 and 9000 range, something that you HAVE to do if you participate in Guild Wars. Seeing cards I need to use getting the axe while War gets powered up is very frustrating.

I being doing that, but i didn’t had luck with vault keys so far. Wish you better luck.

I wasn’t sure if you would notice that, i was expecting to make a (nasty) surprise for you… :smiling_imp:
You can still assemble a Devouring team with Maw and get hid of her to get your revenge for all the frustration she brought to you. :wink:


What platform??

Played in top 4 brackets in GWon PC/Mobile for a few months now, and I never see War used.

I will continue to never use Maw just to be different. :stuck_out_tongue: (No really, I never used Maw even once.)

Though really, I suppose Mana Drain immunity is my least favourite thing in the patch in general - or, to be more precise, how widespread it is, especially on gem spawners like Anariel and Diviner who also fill really, really fast. I guess I’m not a fan of the new stuff of the elves in general; feels too overpowered (especially on the already-powerful Shentang troops). But I know I’m one of the only people who didn’t want drain immunity, so…

@Sheba wow you are lucky I haven’t seen a single gnome yet on PS4 where are you farming explore to find yours?

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I’ve seen like eight so far. Location doesn’t matter - currently in Whitehelm - since Sunbird/Moneylender/Firebomb/Forest Guardian on normal difficulty basically takes care on everything on turn 2 anyway, no matter where. I do around three battles per minute.

That said, though, I had 10 (!!!) Celestials drop in Whitehelm in like 30 minutes. Not sure what’s up there right now, maybe they’re having a patch party and giving them out for free or something.:thinking:

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I was honestly hoping the devs would also remove Mana Burn immunity from Impervious and start to tone down this trait as some immunities become better distributed…

Well, they can still change it after some observation of what will happen from this point.

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Am I missing something here?

War and Death are quite bad/overcosted.
Famine just got toned down due to Mana Shield counters.
Plague isn’t that great (except people want to consider it great now with humility/lady anariel/plague setups)

Like… I’d love if Death could get a 1:1 boost that matches Sunbird. Right now Sunbird > Death.