3.2 Known Issues (PC/Mobile/Console)


Yes it’s same for everyone on every platform


Yup. Mine still does the download at every startup as well. Android tablet.


@Cyrup I must say im really surprise you only heard about that now, it was mentionned long time ago


Yep everytime I load the game on Steam


I get a 0,99MB and a 0,87MB download every single time. Every. Time. (Steam user)


And if I leave my xbox idle while playing gems it goes back to title screen. And redownloads of course.


Me two.
Two downloads 0,99 and 0,87 MB on every start on the newest iOS.
Additionally I get the message of new assets for ~18 MB.

I even reinstalled a few days ago. Deleted the app, rebootet the iphone, installed again, played the stupid tutorial the x timed again, changed my language to EN AND the messages still pop up every start.


Same here. I got better for one day after clearing cache, but now it downloads >20MB again, every second/third game, and ~2MB every time


Same here. I play on my phone and everytime i get the 18 MB message.


I’ve been getting the message every startup for at least a month now, when I’m feeling cheeky I make a post in this thread every time.

I’ve been assured it’s fixed twice so far.


It does make one wonder which issue, exactly, they are fixing. I trust that they all work 8+ hours each day improving or maintaining the game (as they are an indie game dev studio, I don’t think they have a choice). But it does seem like there is a disconnect between the developers and the players on this point.


Not sure if I still needed to, but a ticket has been submitted.


I’m aware - I made a post about it the other week. We received many reports on that day and the team resolved an issue where the game was downloading ~ 18 MB data every login at that time.

Because it was resolved, I was hence clarifying and bumping the thread to ascertain what issue was now occurring (each ‘I’m getting a download every time I open the game’ is not the same problem, if you note that each person in this thread is experiencing a different download size).

@Rickygervais If you are referring to the 0.87 MB issue, I’m also aware of this one, and again, am bumping the thread so I can get a better idea of what other people are facing this problem.

So, there’s a few download sizes you could be experiencing: (Note: +/- 0.1MB on those sizes, all sizes approximate)

  • 0.87 MB - Language/localisation data: Fixed in the next update
  • 2.19 MB - Game data - Fixed in the next update
  • 18- 20 MB - An issue resolved last week*. If you are still experiencing this problem, please clarify exactly how it occurs.

*If you receive this screen:

And the game proceeds to actually download 20 MB of data (after tapping ‘Okay’), please contact Support. If the game is actually downloading 20 MB of assets you’ll see this screen (But with 18/20 MB~ instead)
downloading assets
If you don’t see this ‘Downloading’ popup, even after tapping ‘Okay’ on the ‘Asset download required’ popup, then nothing is wrong and this is a display issue.

So, if you do see this ‘Downloading #%… #.## MB/17.91 MB~’ screen after tapping ‘Okay’ on the
Asset Download Required popup, please contact support.

3.2.5 Known Issues (PC/Mobile/Console)

Er, you get that guys? Lol
I’m tired, most of that just didn’t register but I’ve had a really long eventful day.


I got 0,99mb
On xbox


Lol sorry! I tried to cover everything but there are many variables.

I’ve just spoken to the team again, and apparently even if you are getting the 17-20 MB download each time you open the game, this is is also fixed in the next update! We doing final QA testing for the update today before submission.

As mentioned this is fixed in the next update (this counts as the language files, again, the sizes are not accurate, they are approximate)


Yup sorry i missed that part ty for the reply :slight_smile:


So hopefully we’ll see the update within two weeks cyrup? That’d be great!


They said before we’d get an update before Christmas. :slight_smile:


I hope we get a few more ui improvements too.