3.2 Known Issues (PC/Mobile/Console)


Two GW losses this week down to bugs. Not amused…


Did you all eliminate the “asset download” warning? I just had to download the full 18MB it warned me about, but since then there hasn’t been a pop up message.


Not sure if it’s related to the same GW reset bug but, I can’t get my GW Defence teams to lock-in at all. I set them all up, go play PvP or something, come back and they’ve all reset to PvP Defence Team. It means I always lose my Defence bonuses.
Occasionally on Day 2 they’ll lock-in.


One other thing… Not sure if it’s a bug, my PC, or intended but, Every (EVERY) time I load the client it downloads something. Even if I log in, log straight back out and in again. Sometimes it downloads while I’m on the Map screen, even.
I can understand this on mobile because of the limited assets but on my PC?


This should be resolved now. We had an issue where the game was re-downloading existing assets (i.e troops) resulting in many players needing to download 20 MB of assets. If this happened to you, it should only happen one more time, then be resolved.


iOS user here.

The asset wiping is fixed, yes. There’s still some weirdness with downloads, though. For the past day or so, my phone will decide that it needs to update that 2.23MB file now. I expect it when the game reloads from out of the cache. But after an explore battle? Before I go to collect tribute? I’m already using the app!

And an older problem that I thought was supposed to be fixed: the game crashes at startup for me. This happens at almost any time between the splash screen transition (from blue background to the troop/kingdom screen), up until the 2.23MB file begins downloading. I think — but am not positive that — I download the 0.87MB file successfully, every time. But about 10% of the time, the game will crash before the 2MB file. When I relaunch it from the home screen after a crash, it works correctly 100% of the time; I have never had consecutive crashes.


So, is it just me or did a bunch of fixes and improvements get pushed out? I’ve noticed (on android):

  • Erinyes can no longer target skulls or purple gems;
  • 3x speed option is now available;
  • Troop art no longer goes black on the pre-game loading screen when the progress bar is at halfway;

Did you fix/introduce any other stuff too?


Xbox too! 3x speed.
That’s some stealth change.


I asked for it in the feature request category.


Yeah I saw that, I just didn’t expect it yet.

I had a lot of xbox time outs first starting gow this morning, so I think xbox maybe just got stealth update?


I think it dropped on Monday morning?


I quit restart my gems game everymorning, and I had an unusual synching message followed by downloads that kept timing out. Eventually it worked, but poor support will be swamped since it took at least 6 A button pushes and 10 minutes to get in.


Ok, here’s another fix that you Monday task completers won’t have noticed:

  • Single task completion mail messages now correctly report which user completed the task.


It did. We on iPhones/iPads noticed because it broke a bunch of stuff in our UI! :grimacing:

Happy to report the devs pushed out a hot fix for us within 48 hours :star:
and now all is well… except for the weird resource download every time I log in. And the defense teams not sticking problem… and…


Worth noting that the first two were server side changes. The last one that should have been fixed in 3.2.1 patch we put out to fix some of the issues with 3.2

This was another server based fix.


@Ozball when are we going to get a continue or quit button when doing story and explore mode?


Does it for Legendaries as well.


Idk if this is happening to anyone else, but i have to hit a a good 20 times before i can start. I’m on xbox one. I don’t mind pressing a the one time, but i’m hitting it like it’s clicker heroes to get it to register.


Every time I start the game, it downloads 0.87 mb. Every single time, without fail, for over a month now…


Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Veritas, if you could please submit a ticket to support that would be great.