3.1.5 Known Issues (PC/Mobile AND Console!)

Exact same thing is happening to me !

I’ll give the new AI style a chance before I condemn it, but I’m predicting that I will miss this part of the game the most. It makes looking carefully at the board less important than ever.


I agree. As simple as it was, the AI felt like the “rules” of the card game, where so many things were already at the mercy of RNG. In this matter I will adapt and persevere, but the initial impression is a bit deflating.


Impervious trait doens’t work for devour and manaburn

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Using CrossOver: Gems of War | Compatibility Database | CodeWeavers

If you’d like to try this yourself, be sure to run Gems of War with the -force-opengl option, or else your graphics will be slow and/or glitchy.

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Also…they can act like this is new code. Its bleeping not. The EK kill first two and stun the third person glitch is here now too

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It’s a feature (of the console version), not a bug. Any time there’s a spell involving both status effects and damage to front troops, if the damage kills a front troop, the next troop gets the status effect. You will also see this effect in the following scenarios too:

  • If you cast Lava Elemental’s spell, and it kills the front troop, the next troop is set on fire.
  • If you do a multiple-skull match with Sylvanimora and it kills the front troop, the next troop is entangled.

I bet various “death mark with skull damage”, “stun with skull damage”, etc. traits work the same way, though I have not tested them out.

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Lol call it what you want…but its from console…like justice league. Both of which are here now.

They havent addressed anything and are using their crappy console ai

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Am I missing something? I haven’t heard anyone complaining about “Justice league” on PC/Mobile yet. Are you saying you are now plagued by the Console meta, or are you being speculative?


The console AI is “new AI”. It’s meant to be improved over the old AI as used in the PC/mobile version. It’s improved in that its difficulty is scalable, so as you get higher on the leaderboard, matches get more difficult.

The old AI is really dumb. It always does 5 matches, then 4 matches, then skulls, then any outstanding mana that’s accessible, then (perhaps) any mana the opponent is using. Because of this, it is very predictable, and often people will employ skull-baiting to try to ward off a spell from being cast.

In new AI, this is not possible: in many cases, if a ready spell will do more damage than selecting skulls, then the AI will do just that.

You can call the new AI crappy if you want, since it does make battles harder for players. I personally consider it an improvement, since I don’t like the games to be too easy.


Im saying ive run into justice twice today only and both times by my turn two they had 100 plus stats and the match was over. They literally brought console justice league


Stop calling it new

.its been on console for months and the game is dying there

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I didn’t know that team configuration had a name! Lol. I encounter it a lot, long before the 3.1 update. It’s one of the classic meta defence teams, and it is not exclusive to console by any means.


If you didnt knoq it had a name…then you dont play console and dont belong in this convo.

Its been called justice league for almost half a year

Console will get the patch in 7 days.

To be clear: these battles were on PC/Mobile?

EDIT: Looks like Android, by your other posts.

Really hoping based on the feedback received that console release is delayed.

it’s in 5 days :slight_smile: 5/9/17 10am AEST

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If they don’t play console, they don’t belong in this conversation about the PC/mobile update? :thinking:


youre right my friend. The update is very good, just the reductions of gems in tasks that is bothering me.

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I play on iPad 2. The filters do not appear to work for me, with the exception of the keyword search. I can enter text and the search runs correctly, but I cannot figure out how to manipulate the other categories. They do not appear to be live.

On the plus side, the game loads much faster and appears to be more stable on my old ipad than it was previously.