3.1.5 Known Issues (PC/Mobile AND Console!)


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Troops that are immune to mana burn from queen mab are damaged by her ability.

Goblins that are frozen do not get another turn after casting their ability.


I don’t understand, are you saying it’s a bug? It does exactly what it’s suppose to do


Only troops with the Impervious trait are affected by Mab’s spell. Troops with the Mana Shield trait (e.g. Valkyrie) are not affected by Mab’s spell. At least I can’t recall any such instances.




Seems to be a bug. My understanding was if they are frozen they can’t get another turn from matches, does that include goblin abilities as well?


There are 3 rules to the new Frozen effect:

  • You will not get an extra turn for mana colors if you have a frozen troop on your team with a matching color.
  • You will not get an extra turn for skulls if your front troop is frozen.
  • You will not get an extra turn from a spell if the troop casting that spell is Frozen


From the 1.0.9 sneak peek



If the Goblin who casts is frozen they won’t get an extra turn. Same applies to Wisp.


The Frozen text in-game states “A Frozen troop’s spells & mana no longer give extra turns. There is a cumulative 10% chance to recover each turn.”


I don’t know if this is a bug or not but my Giant Toadstool is a fully traited mythic but when my Elspeth got turned into one it was an untraited common


Mechanist third trait is not giving mechs half their mana at start. Encountered this doing explore in Zaejin.

This is on Xbox one


With the latest patch aspect ratio does stuff now. On the battle screen it appears to be working correctly. On the map screen with overlay it is not doing what it is supposed to. The size of overlay changes instead of the positioning.


Pretty sure the aspect ratio is going to be fixed with the mini-update coming soonish.


Will the dev team be taking a look at gem counting in >5 gem shapes? I had a match today where I made an L shape that was 5 long and 3 wide, but it was only counted as a single 5-match for giving me mana.


Yes it will be!


No guild wars on ps4???