3.1.5 Known Issues (PC/Mobile AND Console!)


Power score for some 1 trophy battles still wrong


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Graphical glitch on PC: Rock Worm ate my other “rock” troops:


Are the Devs EVER going to fix the 3.1 bugs - listing Devour in “Investigating” in the official status thread seems like they are not doing much. At least admit it is happening.


Salty posted this about the broken impervious trait.


this is caused by people doing the single troop lie defense, and it’s selecting a random team, and not showing the correct power.


Wins counting as losses?

Matches of four or five gems activating the Enemy Traits, such as freeze, entangle, etc?

AI getting extra turns on matches of 3 gems?

Famine Filling with ONE match of 3 green gems (doesn’t happen with yellow or brown)?

One last bug that seems to get completely ignored… Adding new features to the game, before fixing the LOOOOOONG list of known issues?

Any plans on any of these?


Do you know of videos of either of these? They are ridiculous almost beyond belief.


It’s still a bug that the team that is randomly chosen to replace the 1-troop team doesn’t appear with the proper team power rating.


I know I’ve witnessed the extra turn on 3 gems matches, but I’ve also seen them not get an extra turn on a 4 gem match, and I don’t use freezing type troops, so that isn’t why. It’s very rare, and I haven’t been able to identify what the circumstances are that cause it yet. With the extra turn on 3 gems matches, I’ve always assumed I must have been looking at the wrong match and there was a 4 or 5 in there that I missed. But with the 4 gems matches not producing an extra turn, I’ve seen it happen to me and the AI.

As far as Famine filling up on one match, I have never witnessed that, nor do I wish to.


I’ve /bugged this so many times. They just don’t see it as an issue.


When I test my PvP defense team I get back to the world map. Could it go back to the defense settings screen, please?


I don’t think they don’t see it as an issue; I think they just haven’t prioritized it for no apparent reason.


i had the same with wulfgarok…Wulfgarok_Virus


Clearly he devoured the rest of your troops and is now impersonating them.


Wasn’t that there a post somewhere from @Saltypatra saying a fix for the impervious bug was coming in a “fortnight”? I’m American but I do believe that’s 2 days? Where is it :slight_smile:


You may be American, but you’re clearly not a tennis fan. Fortnight is two weeks, or fourteen nights.


Touché :-). I knew it was something with two! :smiley:


And half of a “fortnight” is a “sennight.” Honest.


And 0 point is love :stuck_out_tongue: