3.1.5 Known Issues (PC/Mobile AND Console!)


Oh, it was not hard.
It’s just a question of consistency. If you know there is some bug with a specific ability, maybe not display it in the daily event until fixed.
Even if it is an easy fight .


The dungeon bosses don’t change week to week. There’s no “setting” of them.


On the flip side, the very next battle features 4 Impervious troops you can freely Devour. Is that considered “good” form?


Xbox: One person on TrueAchievements reported that they received the Xathenos craft-only mythic from the Path to Glory II reward! Oversight, or intentional high risk gamble? Either way, that guy is lucky to skip out on such a huge grind.


PS4: If you make the mortal error of fighting another dungeon battle when you’ve won all 3 for a day (fix that, btw) then you get an “internal error” message and you get to fight this. I assume it’s a different team every day but this is an example.

Expanded dungeon options

Impervious does not block mana burn either on PS4, any other effects it doesn’t block anymore?


So, what do you get if you manage to win?


Absolutely bucking nothing.


Well, that’s disappointing.


Updated the OP with reports from this thread.


A wild dev huh? Must have slept longer than I thought.


My issue about trait-summoned Ancient Horrors appears to be different from the summoning issue mentioned in the OP. I have restarted the game many times since 3.1 went live, and Ancient Horrors continue to show up at level 1 when they are summoned by an on-death trait.


Nice to have you in the club Ozball!


What platform? And has it only been in Dungeons? or in PVP etc as well?


Mobile (iOS). Literally any aspect of the game, though it happens far less frequently in PVP since Gorgotha is basically the only commonly-used troop with the trait. Now that I think about it, the one time it happened to me in PVP the Ancient Horror was higher level. Only appeared as an ultra-rare, but at a higher level than 1; possibly consistent with a kingdom-based boost to magic, but I didn’t get a chance to check because the troop was snuffed by a skull cascade during the same turn.


As an addendum, I was unable to reproduce this in the most controlled setting available to me: “testing my defense team” composed of four Orc Summoners. The trait-spawned Ancient Horrors appeared at mythic rarity with all appropriate levels and stats. I will come back again the next time the trait activates to confirm whether it has resolved itself, but this at least was a persistent problem.

Edit: @Ozball, just explored in Karakoth until I got the trait to proc. The Ancient Horror was back at level one, while the magic of the Warlock was much higher. I can take screenshots if it will help. Trying to reproduce this in PVP is too difficult, since there are far fewer common troops with that trait (and since default stats are higher so it takes longer to whittle the opponent down).


Screenshots are always helpful! :smiley:


Trait summons have always been based on their respective level and rarity in the owners collection. For non-player battles, I believe this was at the max level for their base rarity (it could have very well always been level 1, the only time this would come up is in explore and it was always a one-shot). Traitsummons for these types of battles are most likely looking at the wrong data (the enemy won’t have the troop in their “collection” unless they start the battle with it). If you run across a level 1 ancient horror from a gorgotha in PvP, this is not a bug - the player never leveled it.


I give up. Fifty-odd explores, eight of which involved a Warlock with its third trait. Two procs (exactly 25%, conveniently), both of which were killed by skull drops before I could screenshot their level 1 status.

60th time’s the charm? Here are the screenshots @Ozball requested.


Kill this:

Get this:

Works exactly as I described above. Daemonic pact and other traitsummons are working correctly in PvP and summoning at the level and rarity in the user’s collection (they have never been based on magic, nor should they be.)

EDIT: Repeated this with Infernal King. He also summons himself at level 1 for non-player battles, despite clearly having been in the battle, so non-player “collections” no longer even include troops that were in the battle to begin with as with previous versions.