3.1.5 Known Issues (PC/Mobile AND Console!)


Xbox One: The Ghost troop issue is still present. Not sure if you had thought you had fixed it in this update or not.


Naw man, it’s 3 Maw + Apoth. Fill em up and cleans the vines.


Whenever an enemy troop summons an Ancient Horror on death, said Ancient Horror is level 1. The latest example, King Dokkalfar, definitely had more than 1 magic at the time of his demise!


Kraken devours my impervious DRACOS 1337… and with very balanced chance for devours, my whole team got eaten in next turn… I think your random generator is not very good…



Disclaimer: this team is not that strong and gets destroyed by usual Meta and goblins, so don’t worry about “exploiting a bug”. Just having a bit of casual fun

Team Name: Brock Lesnar

1- Black Beast
2- Apothecary
3- Cockatrice
4- Drake Rider (aka food)

So, Apothecary and Cockatrice generate brown mana.
Apothecary keeps Beast untangled and team unfrozen.
Cockatrice drains and makes opponent entangled.

Beast eats Drake Rider.
Beast eats Drake.
Beast should be big enough, but hey, eat Cockatrice if you want.
THEN, if the beast gets low on health, or you want more skulls on field, use Beast on Apothecary as much as needed, for free full heal and skull spawn, since Apothecary won’t die (hence the buggy exploit)


Fun Teams [List]

At the time you posted this last night, I was just decrypting an engram to bring me up to Power 263. :grin:. Looks like no Xur today.

@death I’ll give Maw x2 it a try this AM.


Wow nice im only at 240


When you are in the troop menu looking at your troops, there used to be their Kingdom icon in the lower-right corner of the card. Is that a glitch or was it removed on purpose?


@Saltypatra what’s going on with this? it really needs to be fixed quickly


I think devs must really like devour. Its like every time I start to feel better about the devour teams, something happens to make devour way OP again


I don’t understand. Mab doesn’t drain troops, so they should still have full mana after you cast her spell.

@Saltypatra, can you ask around the office why my installation keeps asking permission to download a 2.15 MB asset file? I assume this contains troop data, but I also assume you all aren’t pushing out updates twelve or more times a day, including at 1:45 on an Australian Sunday morning. (Edit: I like the new warning system. Thank you for considering your players who are miserly with their cell phone data plans!)


It’s dropped farther since the Unity port on PC and I’ve been tracking on Android since they are both now Unity port and yes - after two weeks on the Android the numbers are showing very similar results

I would caution that 2 weeks on Android is not a large enough sampling size, but it is trending very closely to what I recorded for the PC after the Unity port

Average: tribute amount is 2073, number of kingdoms 4.4


And when is Devour going to be fixed. They scrambled with a hot fix for FizzBang, which supposedly was causing all kinds of grief on defense teams, yet 3 Kraken ignoring troops who should not be devoured…therefor creating wins because of a bug.

…sounds relly like Fizzbang.


I started tribute tracking again myself. I’ll give it a few days and see what I come up with.

Also, fixing Impervious will surely require an engine update. Fizzbang’s spell could be done by modifying the 2.15MB game assets file and pushed out quickly.


Please devs, fix Fizzbamg quickly. And I mean literally yesterday. I mean get a time machine, go back to early Friday, and push out the Fizzbang fix. Or better yet, go back to Thursday and nerf her the right way instead of taking that horrible either/or suggestion.


Dear Gems of War guys.
It is bad form to put Dungeon Boss with Devour chance while the ability is unstoppable.


Use maw and mercy then, it was easy enough.


I put in a ticket on Monday about this and still haven’t received any response. The game makes me download 2mb once every 2-10 times I log in while the dialog (the same as the one right after the 3.1 update) says 18mb not 2. After the random crashes this has been the next most annoying problem for me, having to wait for my poor data speed to tick up 1% at a time.


Interesting. My game warns me about a 12.81MB set of files, but only ever downloads 2.15. Wonder why your file size is expected to be different.


Sounds like we’re experiencing the same problem. I can’t believe it’s memory shortage on my end since I have about twice the available space as I did with 3.0. Maybe it has sth to do with data speed because mine is miserable.

The 12.81 mb sounds a lot like the amount the game has to download right after the update so maybe they just haven’t bothered to customize that notification.