3.1.5 Known Issues (PC/Mobile AND Console!)


I’m somewhere in between.

The old UI looks like it’s mostly programmer UI to be honest. Functional, but not attractive.

The new UI doesn’t say “fantasy” to me and has no charm.


Any estimate on when Impervious will be fixed on the PS4? It was working fine until the recent update. It’s very frustrating to get devoured and mana burned when it shouldn’t be happening. Also, it’s been a long wait for the Guild Chest Upgrades to work right. Any estimate on that? It would be nice to buy chests at the higher levels like I should be able to. Thanks.


Sometimes, when tapping on the “Troops” menu on the map, the game doesn’t respond for about 5-10 seconds and all graphics freeze. After that, the troops menu opens correctly. Also, when tapping around during the “hang”, it seems to register the taps, because when the troops menu finally opens, the screen will show the things you tapped.

iPhone 6s (iOS 10.3.3)
Graphics quality: Mythic
Power saving: disabled
Animation speed: x4
Blur quality: High


I just can’t believe you guys are still having bugs like this, and I also can’t believe it’s not being patched within a day.

But I do give props for wording it like it happens in some rare occasions… makes it almost sound like the dev in charge is not incompetent at all.


To hopefully give some constructive feedback I just tested this exact issue and you can recreate as follows;

1] Have an existing defence team (e.g. Goblinz Rulez)
2] Navigate to PVP>Defenders tab
3] Select a new team from the left (e.g. Venoxian Loops)
4] Select 'Test Defence Team’
5] Once the match loads you’ll see that you are not fighting your newly activated team, but the previous option.

Suggest there needs to be a ‘Set as Defenders’ button or check box which actually saves the team rather than the auto-save on tab away(?) as it is/isn’t right now?



Not certain if this has already been captured and/or if it was an intended change but there has been a buff to Kraken.

[Prior to 3.1]

Kraken would fire, damage applied and the devour ‘test’ run against the troop that was sitting in last position when the spell fired.

[Since 3.1]

Kraken fires, damage is applied and the devour test is run against the troop currently in last position.

A minor tweak but from an actual game perspective it is allowing for a far more successful Kraken devour as there is a far greater chance that there will be a target for the devour to roll against.


Troop [X] is in 3rd spot and has 40hp
Troop [Y] is in the 4th spot and has 12hp

Kraken has 22magic and is firing for 27dmg x2.

Prior to 3.1 - Troop [X] would have 13hp, Troop [Y] would be killed/{Devour} against Troop [Y]
Since 3.1 - Troop [X] would have 13hp, Troop [Y] would be killed. {Devour} run against Troop [X] as new last position.

This is further compiled by the (separate) issue that {Devour} is ignoring {Impervious} etc. giving a much greater chance of successful {Devour} than prior 3.1 as there isn’t a reliable counter.


This has been the way Kraken works since release on console.


Nothing like the AI getting an extra turn on a 3 gem match which costs you a battle in guild wars, thanks for that.


Guild statues STILL don’t award bonuses upon completion.


Multiple Great Maws don’t shut each others.
Just experienced it .


Wait, what? You can cast two Maws on one team?


Lol watch out we had this bug in console and it was a pain


@Venar is right, I just tested this and can confirm it. (This is for PC/Mobile)



Yes , with Impervious bugged, this needs an emergency fix. Darn, just disable the Maw until fix.


Oh man, a blast from the past.


FUN FUN FUN :smiley:


While on the subject of Devour completely bunkers, here is another bug:
The Black Beast cannot destroy Troops immune to Devour! We are in Bizarro world.

(So what happens is the spell is cast, the skulls are spawned, but the troop, in my case Apoticary, is not killed and Stats not absorbed)


Is this happening on console again? Multiple maws able to cast??

If so I might have some “fun” with the worm


I didin’t try bro im all destiny right now :slight_smile:

Just reached level 20 :slight_smile:


four maw + feeding the next one brown and yellows after a devour = new fun!