3.0.5 Known Issues (PC/Mobile)

In some ways that is even more important since it could be legally actionable in some jurisdictions. Good catch.

Failure to skull-hit. Skulls are combined and disappear, first troop jumps, nothing happens.
First troop not Effected, no enemies with Agile traits and sometimes even Entangled.
It’s a bug? It’s a feature? Is it the Twister?

Target probably had Barrier in place. Encountered that a few times, the visual/sound when skull-hitting a Barrier no longer seems to play, at least on fast speed.

No barrier. It even happens when there are no enemy troops that can rise a barrier.

Event buffed troops in GW still have higher stats on PC, compared to mobile.
The good news is that the difference is now a lot smaller… aka max 5 points in the difference for armor/health, and attack normally only around 2 or so.

So it looks like it’s usable again, just not the same yet.

@saltypatra are they still working on it, or will these just be the new stats for unity?

Found a recent issue with same color troops. Started playing an all red mana team, the issue is that when one gets frozen they all get frozen. Any of the troops can be frozen and when you attempt to make a 4 red match you are denied your extra turn even if the card frozen is the last one. I use Gloomleaf in first position traited for impervious, so if any below him are frozen he can’t make the match 4 red or else forfeit extra turn.

Not sure if this is intended or not as it makes matching 4 or 5 moot in the match. (while frozen)

This is intended. The troop’s colour(s) are frozen, meaning any 4+ match of those colours is blocked regardless of other troops. It’s what makes Frozen particularly powerful in GW.

Don’'t do GW so I hadn’t considered that end of it. Not the answer I wanted to hear but ty for clarification. :sunglasses:

Still working on it. We are nearly there! So close!


That’s probably why I have been doing better this week only got 2 losses so far compared to 5 in the same time for the last couple of weeks.

One of my losses this week was against a 23hp Kerberos all I had to do was cast Krystenax to win but the ai got a long cascade with a skull pair in it. My Krystenax had 14 mana and was enchanted she would have been full on my next turn.

I am getting the same amount of souls if I get 85 or 100

Yes, for the first time this week there has been an improvement. Thanks to the team about that.

As @Mad_Butch said, there still remains a difference of stats in GW between PC and mobile for the event troops and some classes of the hero.
One of our guildies has made a detailed report of all the différences of stats noticed during the first 3 days of GW this week. I have just submitted another ticket include the spreadsheet of the différences in case it could help.


i do not see this in the OP list, but i know i am not the only one suffering from this:
The event chest sometimes gives you the wrong troops.
This week i did not manage to get yaga hut, not even from the event chest, which gave me this instead…

Already submitted a ticket, hoping they will exchange the wrong epics with huts :sob:

If I remember correctly, the troop pool from event keys is not just the troops from the event kingdom. There is a small chance to get something from another kingdom.

This is more evident when a new kingdom releases and there are only 5 troops UR or higher.

@Zippity is correct. I actually also got some Scarlett’s when I started opening event chests. This is working as intended.

Maybe it’s time to remove them: it’s super confusing and there is often some players complaining because of the lack of informations…


I’ll suggest that we make it clearer how event chests work.

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Tie event chests to the boosts instead of random other troops. So this week you would get only Urskaya troops or wildfolk?


@Saltypatra, @Ozball, trying for a third (and last) time to get any response on this. Has this been noticed, if so is it to be actioned anytime soon?

I don’t have any direct way to check if it’s on the internal dev list (or check if it’s intended or not), but I can add it to the known issues list and pass it along.