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🏴‍☠ [ 28/30] The Warrior's Retreat - Join a Great Team - All Basic Tasks Complete (++ Always Plenty of Epics) / 40K Guild Seals / Weekly Event Fully Closed Almost all Weeks

Two spots available to pull up a stool at the bar of The Warrior’s Retreat.
Good and friendly close knit bunch, not a second job but no zeroes either.
Check the top post for more details.
Good attitude and wanting to grow in game is more important than outright level.

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Tired of the stress of high pressure GW? Our only expectations is to have fun with it.
We have one spot left in The Retreat, grab it now!

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One of our valued, long time team members is leaving us due to RL. We are very sad to say goodbye.

We will have one spot available. Please pm myself or Slaaght if you are interested

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Join today rewards aplenty after reset

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Two rare seats at the bar available at The Warrior’s Retreat.

We have a pretty good balance of great weekly rewards for putting in a decent amount of work. We don’t tolerate zeroes, but we are a friendly bunch from across the globe.

Just about to enter the top 500 guilds in the game. Only started up in July 2020.

We have players from fairly new to old school veterans.

We will happily take a chance on a keen low level player (300+) or anyone who is carrying their current low reward guild and is looking for a lively home.

We aren’t a real started guild though, there are probably better places than us if you are literally just starting out on the GoW path.

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We have filled one spot, still one seat at the bar

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This week we completed three Epic tasks and all stages in Weekly Event and Raid. 40k seals guaranteed, still a chance to get that new Mythic next week.
Join today, heaps of rewards tomorrow!
One spot left

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Two spots at the bar of The Warrior’s Retreat.

Pretty high achieving guild while remaining friendly. Most epic tasks completed every week, events almost always fully closed, easily surpass 40k guild seals every week (It’s Tuesday and we are already at level 6 guild chests).

Just over 500 days old and Guild position 470 in the game.

If you are feeling like you’re doing all the heavy lifting in a guild with poor rewards, get in touch and come and join a guild that’s moving on up in the game.

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Last week we finished stage 12 in The Journey event.
Already into stage 11 this week’s event.
Teamwork it’s all about teamwork