🏴‍☠ [ 30/30 - Sorry, Full ] The Warrior's Retreat - Join a Great Team - All Basic Tasks Complete (++ Always Plenty of Epics) / 40K Guild Seals / Weekly Event Completed Every Week

Come and drink with us in The Warrior’s Retreat.

A guild for players who have got tired of having to meet over zealous targets each week.

We do have requirements to make sure of a sensible level of participation by all guild members, but they are easy to achieve as long as you are active.

Requirements to join us are:

:beers: You are level 400 or above and keen to grow
:beers: Contribute 500k gold + per week
:beers: Use all free sigils minimum
:beers: Fight all GW battles

In return we can promise you a friendly guild where everyone does their part. No zeroes accepted. No carrying anyone on your back, but we have got your back!

In a nutshell we are a rising guild, going places and working our way up the ladder, but mindful that this is not a second job.

Join a guild where you can see your contributions counting towards the guild growing, and have some fun doing it. No stress and drama allowed in The Warrior’s Retreat!

We know the game really well, and are all tough cookies with a lot of experience. A very friendly bunch with a very active Discord.

So, come and join us, and pull up a chair by the fire or at the bar of The Warriors Retreat.

Very strongly recommended you join our guild Discord channel for chat and sharing of information. Communication is key. Guilds are dead in the water if there is no good communication.

Discord: https://discord.gg/q2z8cKh

Bar Prices:

Regular Drinks:

  • Blackhawk Beer: 5g
  • Adana Ale: 4g
  • Whitehelm Wine: 8g
  • Grosh-Nak Grog: 1g

Guest Beer:

  • Shentang Stout: 5g


  • Khetar Krisps and Pan’s Vale Pies: 10 silver pieces each.

Please leave Goblins outside. They are no longer welcome in the bar area after that Nobend Brothers incident last year.


Join our great group of people.
All basic tasks and 40k seals weekly Epic tasks GW week.
Play as team to achieve rewards.
Easy requirements

I´m interested.
If there´s still room,my invite code is JIMZAH_NBEG

Hello Jimzah. Yes we have spots available. Invite just sent. Welcome to The Warrior’s Retreat.

Hi…Sorry,I jumped back out.
The description in this post says 500 gold.(Which I admit sound VERY low)
I want to start playing next to nothing,as I´m tired of 2-3 hours a day as a minimum.
Thanks anyway though.

Fair enough, we’ve recently gone to enforcing low minimum specs as it’s easy to become just a little too sedentary!

Thank you for posting an explanation rather than just disappearing into the night, I appreciate that!

Look us up again if you get in the groove again, but don’t want to go full hardcore. At a guess I reckon you can meet our specs with half an hour most days and an hour to top it up for 2-3 days.

Edit: even with the explanation I did not notice that I had really posted just “500” gold! Took a guild mate to point it out to me! Apologies for false pretences.

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As our most wise and esteemed leader has said our requirements are easily achieved by 20 to 30 minutes a day of play
Plus we have a great team of fun and friendly guildies
It’s a game not a job, let’s have fun!

Still looking for some new blood to join our great bunch of guild mates.

We’re a straightforward single guild family. No hefty requirements, but no zeroes from anyone.

Friendly and active Discord.

We’ll even throw in some complimentary dental work (if you’re over 9 feet 7 and weigh over 800 lbs).


We’re still on the hunt for some great new Guild Mates.

Are you outgrowing your starter guild?
Why not start 2021 in a guild where you won’t be carrying half of the guild?

Reqs are:

:beers: You are level 500 or above
:beers: Contribute 500k gold + per week
:beers: Use all free sigils minimum
:beers: Fight all GW battles

In return we can promise you a friendly guild where everyone does their part. No zeroes accepted. No carrying anyone on your back!

Come on your Gems of War journey with us, and help us to write another new chapter of The Warrior’s Retreat in 2021!

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Join a guild of team players who work together to complete all basic tasks and some epics. Close stages in events.
It’s a game not a job play for fun!

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The Warrior’s Retreat are nearly back at full strength.

Two spots left if you are looking for a good solid performing guild with a great bunch of guildies and good communications.

Very active Discord, a good home for someone who knows the basics but is still learning (500+), or a long term seasoned player (1200+), we have a full range of players.

All basic tasks this week were completed within around 10 hours of the weekly restart on Monday.

Come and help us write the next chapter in the story of The Warrior’s Retreat! :beers: :gem_doomskull:

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We have spots available for Warriors

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We have three spots open at The Warrior’s Retreat.

Come and join a guild where you will see your weekly activities help the guild grow and see us move up the ranks day by day.

Requirements are

:beers: Keen to grow level 400+
:beers: 500K Gold per week
:beers: All Weekly Event Sigils used
:beers: All GW Battles played

No formal stated Guild Seal or Trophy requirements, as they will come with participation to the level above.

We are a friendly guild where you won’t be carrying any non contributors on your back.

Join us and become another one of our heavy hitters! :gem_doomskull:



We have welcomed two new Warriors to our team.
One spot left!
All basic tasks completed Monday. An epic or two every week.
Fun, relaxed atmosphere.
Emoji wars in guild chat :joy:

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We have one spot available. Welcoming Warriors of lvl 400 and above.

Keen to play, learn and grow is more important to our guild than outright level.

Active chat, active Discord (not compulsory), a great bunch of guild mates.

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We have room for one Warrior having welcomed a new team member
We are completing all stages in events most weeks.
Play in a fun and relaxed atmosphere

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HEY! im searching for a good guild to learn and grow as player, im lvl 730, i play a lot everyday, 2k seals all weeks, i can manage 500k gold per week, more than 300 trophies per week, always i do my guild wars event and in general i try events until i can (dont have any mythic troop yet) but thats why im growing as player and learning…


Stressed out by high bracket guild wars?
Join us, all the fun none of the pressure

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We have a spot for one more Warrior.

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Our awesome team has once again completed the weekly event.
Next week all basic and epic tasks, guaranteed 40k seals for new Mythic release week.
Fun and low stress GW.
Level 300+ considered, no gold until kingdoms leveled

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