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:gem_doomskull: [ 30/30 - Sorry, Full ] The Warriors Retreat - Level 1000+, no gold/trophy/seal targets

Come and drink with us in The Warriors Retreat.

A guild for skilled, veteran players who have got tired of enforced Gold/Seals/Trophies each week.

Level requirement is 1000+.

We are welcoming top tier players who just want to take their foot off the gas a little.

If you were thinking of leaving the game due to life getting in the way of tough weekly targets, but you want to hang around and maybe grab a new Mythic, see what the new patch is like, do a bit of ToD or GW then hook up with us.

No enforced weekly requirements at all, but it’s good if you do still want to play to some extent. There’s not much point in sticking around and being 100% inactive.

We know the game really well, are tough cookies with a lot of experience. GW week is still going to be a fun fight!

So, pull up a chair by the fire or at the bar of The Warriors Retreat and relax, but keep that sword and shield close to hand as you never know when you will need it.

… I ask you just to remember this post if you are thinking of leaving, but don’t want to rage-quit-uninstall! Come and try us out, we are growing nicely already.

Very strongly recommended you join our guild Discord channel for chat and sharing of information. Communication is key. Guilds are dead in the water if there is no good communication…

Discord: https://discord.gg/q2z8cKh


I will join you by the fire. Sign me up

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Welcome to Tired Veterans weary traveller.

The barman shall fetch you a fresh ale, and our bard shall sing songs about your previous wondrous deeds before you half hung up Earth’s Fury and your Dwarven Armour!


Make it a coffee by the fire please.


I will bring to you on a silver tray.
Do you like cream or sugar?


Black please and there is no need for a silver tray. lol
Thank you very much


Hey, where is @Taransworld ?

Mate if you are looking for a calm parking spot, don’t quit the game, come and join some relaxed vets who are just taking some time to recharge! You’d be very welcome in some nice, polite grown up company!


Thank you. :smiley:
I’ll miss you all and try to remember to check in here once in a while. :slight_smile:


Tired of the grind of high requirements? Pull up a chair and relax with us semi retired GoW veterans.
Play at your own pace.

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Retire, play when you wish, and still do not miss out on any troops or weapons.

Maybe you just want to get some gold, or diamonds from the dungeons. Get that new weapon or the new mythic. If you are like us and tired of all the heavy requirements yet want to stay in the game, even as a loner, then join us. Requirements are few and we are an active bunch of retired GoW warriors. So come and join us.


Sit by the fire and put your feet up. Relax with the knowledge of not having heavy requirements. It is a game not a job. We are a bunch of semi-active players that are tired of the high demands.

All in the guild are experienced fighters who can fight with the best of them without the stress of heavy requirements. Join us today and be able to relax


We are awaiting a name change. Support is busy! You can message one of us here or find us under Tired Veterans in guild search. We are GoW vets and are actually pretty energized by the success of our new guild!


Come on and play with us semi retired warriors.

We are located at The Warriors Retreat where all can rest and relax

Join us today


Sounds like my kind of people… I wish you guys was on PS4.


I also wish so, yet xbox and ps4 cannot transfer their hero to pc and mobile. Same goes for pc and mobile to xbox and ps4

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So you want to quit the game because of everything that needs to be done. A certain amount of gold donated for tasks, a certain amount of seals have to done, a certain amount of trophies have to be collected. Then there is invasion requirements, raid boss requirements, ToD requirements.

Join us and relax knowing that although those things do matter to us, we are not worried about them. We are fighters who can hang with the best and have fun doing so.

So join us today and see the difference


The Warriors Retreat is the guild you have been looking for!
Stay active in the game without the grind of high requirements
Join the ranks of the semi-retired
Only requirements level 1000+ and to have fun!


Yes join us !! Have fun for a change while playing the game !!

Join us at the bar, on the battlefield.

Join us and play the way you want to !!


We are flying up the guild ranks already.

Despite having a laid back attitude that you don’t have to get X gold, Y seals, Z trophies, we do have members playing hard, doing their own thing, lots of PvP but not wanting to get involved in the events, etc.

Play hard if you want and we will reap the rewards, but you’re not getting kicked for not getting 50k+ in GW, missing trophies while you are on holiday, etc.

So, pull up a chair at The Warriors Retreat and grab a cold brew with like minded high level friends.


Are you a fighter? Then join us
Are you a warrior? Then join us
Tired of all the req’s? Then join us
Just want to laze around yet still do something? Then join us !!

We are fighters and warriors that can hold our own. We do not have to prove anything to anyone except ourselves.

Join us at the The Warriors Retreat if you are lvl 1000+