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2.1.5 Arrives!

Originally published at: http://gemsofwar.com/2-1-5-arrives/
Welcome to 2.1.5…

Avatar Update
  • Avatar artwork has had a visual upgrade
  • Players are now able to customize their hero further than before with:
  • * New Hair styles
  • * Ability to change Hair Color (ever wanted blue hair, now you can)
  • * Facial Features (like tattoos, piercings, scars etc.)
  • * Ability to change Feature colors
  • * Human Avatars are now available in a darker skin tone
* Players are able to wear one set of Armor while getting a bonus from another set
  • * Your armor bonus can be chosen in the Hero Menu on the Armor Bonus tab.
  • * Your visible armor can be chosen in the Hero Menu on the Appearance tab.
  • * Armor hats and helms are now separated from armors (so if you wanted to wear that awesome Vampire Hat while wearing Viking Armor you can)
Legendary Guild Tasks

When a guild completes all 72 tasks (there are about 20 of you right now - more than we expected!), they now unlock Legendary Tasks. Each Legendary task costs 1,000,000 Gold in contributions, and will give 3 random rewards chosen from the following list:

  • 25-60 Gems
  • 100-500 Glory
  • 10-25 Glory Keys
  • 2-6 Gem Keys
  • 2-4 Event Keys
  • 100-140 Guild Seals
  • 20-30 Minor Traitstones
  • 2-6 Arcane Traitstones
  • A Legendary or Mythic Troop
    A guild can complete as many Legendary Tasks as they like within a week. At the beginning of the following week (Monday 7am GMT), everything resets and they must complete all 72 minor tasks to unlock Legendary Tasks again.

(and yes, Guild Seals obtained this way will raise your weekly cap, so they don’t count against the 1500 you can earn normally)

For the record, the total value of items in a Legendary task can vary, but on average, their value is about 150 Gems.

General Changes
  • Resource counters have been added to the battle game, so you can keep track of how close you are to resource caps.
  • A new Soundtrack has been added to the game, 40 minutes of original music composed for Gems of War by Aaron C Edwards.
  • Mass Disenchant has returned to the game, disenchanting all your Mythic troops down to 4 copies. You can find it on the left hand side of Disenchant Tab in the Crafting Menu.
Balance Changes

Trait: Necromancy

  • Changed from 50% bonus Souls from battle to 25% (now that we’re allowing Necromancy to raise the Soul Cap in battle, we had to reduce the effect)

With the much-requested raising of soul cap via Necromancy, we’ve had to remove Necromancy from Valkyrie. Already one of the most versatile soul-generators in the game, having the ability to also raise the Soul Cap just made her WAY too powerful. We’ve shared Necromancy around with some extra troops however, and we’re excited to see what soul-farming teams everyone can come up with.

  • Changed Necromancy trait to Mana Shield


  • Changed Jinx trait to Necromancy


  • Soul gain now scales off Magic
  • Base Soul amount increased from 1 to 4


  • Spell now gives Souls, scaled off Magic

Dragon Soul

  • Souls given has increased from 10 to 15


  • Spell has had a minor rework. Spell still deal damage, but now always causes random status effect (instead of the conditional effect which wasn’t working correctly). Spell also now has 20% chance of a Treasure Map (like his half-sister, Tyri)

Nobend Brothers

  • Spell has had a minor rework; all 3 affects will give an extra turn. Also all 3 affects now scale off Magic.
  • Mana Cost increased from 12 to 13

Queen Ysabelle

  • Fixed the issue on her 3rd Trait which caused it to trigger at the Start of both players’ turns.

Sacrificial Priest

  • Changed Inscribed trait to Necromancy


  • Changed Life Drain trait to Necromancy
  • Fixed text in translations which said he killed a random ally instead of last ally


  • Changed Daemon Bond trait to Necromancy


  • Spell now gives Souls, which scale off Magic


  • Spell changed to summon a random daemon, to match the spell text properly.
  • Mana cost increased from 14 to 16


  • Spell now gives Souls, which scale off Magic

Soul Blade

  • Soul gain increased from 1 to 10
Troop Refunds

The following troops will be available for refund for the next week:

  • Acolyte
  • Marid
  • Queen Ysabelle
  • Sacrificial Priest
  • Sacrifice
  • Valkyrie
  • Warlock
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed display issue for Guild Statue bonus timer
  • Fixed issue where players needed to earn 61 Moves in Treasure Hunts to get Seals instead of 60
  • Fixed issue that was causing Heroes to get more skill points from bonuses than they should (we will be revisiting Heros in a future update)
  • Fixed an issue where the Chat Button would appear twice when looking at another player’s team then backing out of the battle
Known Issues
  • Infernal King’s 3rd Trait is triggering even though he is stunned on Death
  • Can start a new battle while in the middle of a battle through chat, causing the game to crash
  • Guild Statues have a display issue, which means they aren’t showing their correct levels over level 100
  • Ghost Orbweaver Hero triggered when it summons a Giant Spider on damage that caused death
  • Summoned Troops’ traits are not triggering correctly
  • AI summoned troops summoned with incorrect buffs (particularly on Warlord difficulties)
  • Transformed enemy’s traits still triggering after being transformed
  • Guild Reward mail saying that player collected rewards from another guild, when they hadn’t (We will be trying to get a fix out to the servers ASAP)

Please note this Update only applies to Steam, iOS and Android versions of the game.

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I must protest the omission of Major Traitstones from the list of Legendary Task Rewards.


Booo. You can have half of mine, instead.

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My comment is: THANK YOU!

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Strongest desire for a dislike button on this forum ever.

Triple hooray!


You people have noooooooo sense of humor.

And there is noooooooo trait six.

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Excited for this when the update comes to console![quote=“Sirrian, post:1, topic:14356”]
With the much-requested raising of soul cap via Necromancy, we’ve had to remove Necromancy from Valkyrie. Already one of the most versatile soul-generators in the game, having the ability to also raise the Soul Cap just made her WAY too powerful. We’ve shared Necromancy around with some extra troops however, and we’re excited to see what soul-farming teams everyone can come up with.

  • Changed Necromancy trait to Mana Shield

I feel like this is the biggest news in the update. I’ll leave it for the PC/Mobile crew to put together the best new soul farming team for when this update comes to consoles.

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I look away for 20 minutes and there’s a patch! Looks good!

Considering how much it costs us to get tasks done now, 150~ Gems’ worth for 1 million isn’t half bad really… nothing like before obviously but still useful.



@Sirrian, will all guild members receive the same rewards from the same legendary task or will it be a random reward per player each time?


Nooooooooooooo WHY REMOVE NECROMANCY FROM VALK??? That’s totally unfair to a newbie like me that just started within the last month…

Terrible mistake, IMO. Buffs were necessary for other troops, yes. I can’t believe you are nerfing valk, that’s a step backwards. I feel like you are taking away from the game, and from me, from my goals in the game. I can’t even put in words my anger/disappointment.


My initial reaction is to be upset at the removal of Necromancy from Valkyrie but I’ll wait until I see what other troops it was added to before rendering my final verdict. On paper it feels like a jerk overreaction though. :frowning:

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yes they will


No new races for our avatars? :frowning2:

There is a complete list above of the troops that will now have Necromancy. You have more options now instead of just one.

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That was both my guess and my hope; thxs @Nimhain :slight_smile:

I really should add that the rest of the update looks really good, but that valkyrie nerf is seriously going to cause me to start a petition.

Ugh I swear I’ve seen plenty of users calling for BUFFS to soul gen, and not NERFS to valkyrie.


Other than Valkyrie everything else is being buffed. All those ones that have innate soul gain now, without even needing to trait them… what a time to be alive?

(Y’know, if I didn’t have 300k~ extra souls without disenchanting anything in the last 12 months…)


I don’t think you understand. There’s now going to be like a dozen ways to get souls vs. just one or two. This is not just a good thing, it’s a GREAT thing.


I might be misreading your sentence. The list above is the troops gaining or losing necromancy.

There are some others, like Keeper of Souls, Flesh Golem, Zombie, Aziris, and Death. Using Lyya’s site: http://ashtender.com/gems/troops?filter=necromancy to help remember.

I’m looking forward to having some weird teams now that can raise the soul cap.

I think what some are saying about Valkyrie is she was best at getting souls right. She had the Necromancy and the bonus souls from using magic.