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🔥[16/30] Final Destination 2 - looking for active LvL 500+ players in need of a serious, dedicated guild

Greetings. We are Final Destination 2, the newest member of the Final Destination family.

Final Destination 2 is looking for active players LvL 500+ who want to refine their game within a structured and dedicated guild.

We are very active in chat and are looking for others who are as well.

Discord is a must. Our Discord is a very helpful tool that is well organized and maintained daily.

Our requirements are listed in the banner above.

To get in contact with us:

Message Phantom or Borjay here on the forums


Visit our Discord at https://discord.gg/Ucm3b6Y

If you are interested in joining, please message us with your invite code for easy recruitment.

Message in the comments below for any addition information.