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#150, GW#8 Merry Marauders recruiting, MIN REQ 700k gold, 800 seals, 200 trophies

Hey, we are group of international people enjoying the game. On guild chat we are using English.

We are doing all normal tasks and about 2-3 epics, 40k seals each week. On Boss Raid, World Event, Tower of Doom we are getting all stages rewards.

With your contribution we could complete more epic tasks.

It would be good if you donate gold, seals and play guild events (daily if possible - as Guild Wars gives seals for winning single wars). We’ve introduced 700k gold and 800 seals donation as minimum requirement. Feel free to donate more;)

We play about 9th GW bracket, with guild ranking on position 150.

We currently have mix of casual and active players. Anyone that could play more than an hour weekly would be appreciated.

We have discord to maintain builds for GW, suggestions and advice for players. Its not mandatory to join server, but as it keeps a lot of information, its advised to join.

Let me know if you are interested.


I sent invite codes via email if you still have openings. Let me know.


thanks for your codes corky, we still have two openings :slight_smile:

Interested do you have openings?

Both Astro & I have left our guild. Send us an invite if you still want us.


we have some free places. Want join us ?

My guild is dying, I can leave it next monday when guild war will be finish if you still have room left. My invite code is HAGEN_2. Let me know if you’re interested! I’m level 1031 and give about 200K gold, 1000 seals each weeks. I’m active, and do all my battles for guild events :slight_smile:

We will have room. Will add you on Monday then.

Cool. I’ll leave my guild tomorrow, when Guid wars results will appears.

still one place available

hello !
good guild invite me !
Invite Code:TANPOPO

I’ve updated guild info, now we have completed first legendary task in months.

we still have 1-2 places to be taken

2-3 spots are open. This week we managed to do 40k seals (GW week, a couple of battles won daily added some seals).

Hi im looking for a newsletter guild, nylon level is 990 and all my kingdoms are level 10

With end of current week, a couple of players underperformed. If you guarantee donation above MIN REQ, there is place for you.

hi dawid any chance for me to come back to the group?

if yes then invite is Lat456

Hi there,im interested in joining,give me a chance and i will prove myself worthy.
Invite code IGORCHE82_9KDP.

@Lat456 that invite code does not work.
@Igorche82 it seems you are already in other guild, leave current one, I will invite you.