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Madrina's Marauders needs you!

Madrina’s Marauders is looking for 2 dedicated players.
We are a friendly, active, supportive guild.
Max seals and guild wars required.

Hello. Are you collecting 40k weekly? I’m lev 310+. Can’t win in GW all the battles, though.

Hi Nicko!
We got 40,000 last week, but are just missing it this week.
I’ve got 3 people who were doing well but brought in less than 100 seals this week, so I need to replace them so we can get the good chests.
We can and will get them consistently, just need a few good new members to do their part.
Let me know if you’re interested.
This is a good guild full of great people, nobody quits.

I’ll leave my old guild now.

To send invite I need your invite # from gow settings


Great! I’ll send invite now. See you in guild chat!