Active Players is recruiting. Level 169 guild. Min lvl 100 player, 100k, 500 s, 50tr, GW

We are a 169 ranking guild and growing. Yes there are requirements but nothing too crazy.
Min. Level 100
100k for tasks
500 seals
50 trophies
Daily Guild Wars required
Sentinels optional
Guild chat a must to stay informed.

We get 20k plus seals a week.
Lots of perks in leveling tasks and statues.

I’d love to join but have a quick question, will you be removed from guild if you miss a day or two of Daily GW battles. Work can be a big sink and if you miss one of these tasks would you remove the player?

I’d love to join but want to know how strict you are on these points. All the others requirements I can meet.
Level 360+, All Kingdoms to Lvl 10, Usually 500K on tasks, 500 Seals or more a week, 100+ trophies etc. I’m the current top contributor in my guild but am looking for a much more active guild.


They’re are pretty strict on GWs. I’m checking with our main person on thoughts. Thanks

They are willing to give you a go. We really want active players because we all benefit from it. It is a requirement to do daily GW. We like to get the daily bonus. Let Boss know if can’t and be active in chat.

I’m sending you an invite. It’s your choice.