12 Member Guild...ALL active members...NOW RECRUITING!


UPDATE: 7/19/18
We are now a twelve member guild…all members active and donate weekly to guild/currently getting 10K+ seals per week!!! Looking to be ranked in the top 4,000 in overall Guild Ranking by the weekend.
New recruits - Level 40. No minimum requirements yet for membership, however, members must contribute what they can. Inactive or ‘free loading’ members will be kicked out.

We’ve taken our guild as far as two people can in less than two months…laying the groundwork for a future high ranking guild…but we need your help to increase weekly guild seals and build a strong active team!
You’re not currently required to max out guild seals…but we would like for all new members to be active weekly and participate in guild wars!
If you’re looking for a super active guild to join…come be a Dazzlebush Bandit!!!


DAZZLEBUSH BANDITS guild started with a league rank just over 15,000…in less than two months with two active members now ranked under 6,500. UPDATE: in 24 hours moved up over 500 spots in guild ranking -now under 6,000!


Great guild name! I’ve always enjoyed getting in on the ground floor and helping to build something new. It’s nice to feel like you have equal ownership and are part of a team.


I’m really enjoying it so far! Thanks for being a great guild leader!


Thank you!!! About to dump some serious gold into the guild after this week’s Event Point/PvP…holding off until the end of the week as we have some new guild members and I want to make sure they get some loot from guild tasks too!!! :grinning::+1::grinning:


Ten members strong and growing!


Up to 12, 10,000+ Guild Seals a week!


14 amazing members!


15 total!!! We opened our guild up twelve days ago for new recruits and already have a kick ass team of active members that seem to be as invested as the two core guild ‘founders’ :heart: