UPDATE: 1/27/19: Currently have 1-2 openings. Weekly MINIMUMS: $350k, max seals, 150+ trophies.
Complete tasks Mondays, Max Seals by Tuesdays/Wednesdays. Complete all event portals weekly. New members MUST get their gamertag to The Man upon joining via DM @BustyMcSeamus

UPDATE 9/26: all active guild- top 400 ranks - is seeking two stellar players to join us and see how AWESOME this game is with an all active/hard working team!!!
-40K Guild Seals Weekly
-Complete All Guild Tasks Weekly + Legendary
*WHAT WE NEED: two new members dedicated to daily play & that appreciate having 29 other people grinding right alongside with them!!! Consider yourself a hard core/active player??? Then join us as we speed our way into top 100 rankings!!!
-Player Level Minimum: 300
-$150K minimum weekly
-Max guild seals weekly
-Put up decent trophies
-Participate in all guild events
***We have a zero tolerance policy for zeros on the roster. Know you’ll be offline/out of town? Notice of absence can be sent to guild master or posted to chat…no problem :+1: offline for seven days and no heads up to being away… that’s a problem.

Reply with invite code :grinning:

UPDATE 9/23: Just removed three inactive members. Looking for 3 new active members to help us get to top rankings (currently ranked 427). We always hit 40K seals and complete all tasks weekly. We are only interested in strong/active players looking to leave inactive guilds…we all pull our weight and have a zero tolerance policy for zeros in roster w/o notice of being offline.

  1. Participate in weekly guild events.
  2. Max seals every week.
  3. Donate what you can in gold. We are only interested in players that donate fair amounts and actually try to help/do what they can.
  4. Trophies not as important based on our current weekly activity…but we would like you to hit minimum 75-100 trophies.


UPDATE 8/26/18: ALL members of our guild donate an average of $500,000 gold, max seals, dominate in weekly guild event participation and put up A LOT of trophies.
-Weekly Participation in Guild Events
-MAX Guild Seals Every Week
Our entire guild puts up strong numbers and we are only interested in active/daily players. Currently no minimum requirements for gold and trophy donations but our team has a zero tolerance policy for members that don’t pull their weight.

UPDATE: we are an extremely active guild with a spread from level 100-1000+. Our team is VERY active…weekly…and must participate in all guild events to remain on our team. We all work hard and work together to max tasks most weeks and advance our guild as quickly as possible.
Inactivity for more than one week is not acceptable and will result in demotion and/or removal from our guild unless you notify the guild leader that you’ll be offline for more than 7 days.
-minimum 100,000 gold weekly
-minimum 1,000 guild seals weekly
-no minimum trophy requirements BUT we do look at overall trophy contributions when promoting members.

UPDATE: 7/19/18
We are now a twelve member guild…all members active and donate weekly to guild/currently getting 10K+ seals per week!!! Looking to be ranked in the top 4,000 in overall Guild Ranking by the weekend.
New recruits - Level 40. No minimum requirements yet for membership, however, members must contribute what they can. Inactive or ‘free loading’ members will be kicked out.

We’ve taken our guild as far as two people can in less than two months…laying the groundwork for a future high ranking guild…but we need your help to increase weekly guild seals and build a strong active team!
You’re not currently required to max out guild seals…but we would like for all new members to be active weekly and participate in guild wars!
If you’re looking for a super active guild to join…come be a Dazzlebush Bandit!!!

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DAZZLEBUSH BANDITS guild started with a league rank just over 15,000…in less than two months with two active members now ranked under 6,500. UPDATE: in 24 hours moved up over 500 spots in guild ranking -now under 6,000!

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Great guild name! I’ve always enjoyed getting in on the ground floor and helping to build something new. It’s nice to feel like you have equal ownership and are part of a team.

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I’m really enjoying it so far! Thanks for being a great guild leader!

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Thank you!!! About to dump some serious gold into the guild after this week’s Event Point/PvP…holding off until the end of the week as we have some new guild members and I want to make sure they get some loot from guild tasks too!!! :grinning::+1::grinning:

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Ten members strong and growing!

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Up to 12, 10,000+ Guild Seals a week!

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14 amazing members!

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15 total!!! We opened our guild up twelve days ago for new recruits and already have a kick ass team of active members that seem to be as invested as the two core guild ‘founders’ :heart:

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We are up to 17 currently and filling up fast!

23 great members!

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28 members

Hi. Not sure if you still have openings. but Im actively. searching for a new guild. Like you, I joined a small guild and with a few semi active players we went from 4500 to 2900 in a month. We just cant get enough consistent players to make it grow. Only a few participate regularly in events, so it is time to find one where everyone works together to grow the guild. Lvl 226 1500s, 50k ,125tr weekly, still leveling kingdoms. Let me know if still recruiting!


Hey! We actually just booted a couple of inactive players so we have two.more openings again!
Send me your invite code and I’ll send you an invite shortly!
We have a very active/generous squad :smile:

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Thx for the reply. Inv code RAPTORZRAGE_6N4S

You got it! I’ll send the invite within the hour!

I am a strong guild leader and I hold every member accountable for participation…we are a team and I refuse to let our hard working team get frustrated with freeloaders and low performing members.

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hey guy, if you still have a vacancy left I’m very interested.
I play Gems of War for about 2 Weeks and have accumulated 7 days and a few hours playing (I am currently at level 184). Unfortunately I could not find a guild that would all be active and yours seems to be what I’m looking for.
I can easily contribute by week something like 30K - 40K.
here is my invite code: SILVERKAIQUE_NXXC

Hey there! We’d love to have you!!! I’m at work until mid afternoon but I will have one of our Sentinels check to be sure we have one opening (we had one spot open as of late last night) but DirtyJRH will send you an invite code shortly!!!
Looking forward to having you join us!

I sent you an invite, it says you are a member of another guild, if you are still interested let us know we would love to have you!