We cannot send you an invite until you leave your current guild. We only have one opening and it will be filled by tonight :smile::+1::smile:


Another person just filled the opening we had. Thanks so much for getting in touch and hope you enjoy the game! :smile:


Well, ok.
If you need Someone again, count on me.


I actually just kicked another member out for zero guild event participation so we currently have one more opening!

We can’t send you an invite being in another guild but if you search for our guild, DAZZLEBUSH BANDITS, it’s set to where you can join w/o an invite.


Invite me plz. I’ve search for your guild but doesn’t show up in “Guild Search” menu.


We just opened a couple of slots, we have multiple 1000+ level players as well as a nice blend of higher and lower level players. We typically finish all guild tasks as well as a few legendary tasks. We are currently hitting 40k in guild seals most weeks. All we ask is that you max your guild seals, participate in all guild events, and contribute what you can. We usually fill up quickly when we have any openings, anyone interested please feel free to post on here or message me in whatever way is most convenient for you. Thanks!


You forgot to mention that we put up Guild War points on par with bracket 3 even without a full guild. :sunglasses:


I did forget to put that in. Thanks for the reminder Dan! :+1:


Hey there! I’ve opened up 4 spots for active players…just wanted to make sure I touched base with you :grinning:


It looks like we still have another opening. We’re hitting 40K seals a week…every week. We’re also doing Legendary tasks.
If you’re busy trying a carry a low producing guild come join us and see how nice it is to have a team you can rely on.


Curious to see if I would be a good fit. I might be on the lower end of your members but playing very actively every day.

Currently level 160. Participating in all guild events, max seals, and trophies would not be any problem at all. Currently donating 50k -100k a week to my current guild and trying to focus on maxing kingdoms. Just picked up the Dragon armor to help out with that too.

If you think I would be a good fit, let me know and I would love to join up! If you think I’m too low, no worries, just let me know and I’ll keep hunting.



I think you’d be a great fit…for us…it really is just about everyone contributing their fair share…your numbers sound perfect for your current level…and we max tasks, have an all active crew/super friendly chat, etc…
Send me your invite code and I’ll invite you as soon as I get it :grinning:


Invite code is MALIFICINT. Thanks! Looking forward to it!


Sent! Welcome!!!


2 spots come and get em :gem:


We’re full…30 members strong with half the guild putting up 800k-1 million+ gold weekly, every single player dominating guild events, completing weekly tasks and serious weekly trophy numbers!!!
Any players interested in wait listing for an opening in our guild please reply for consideration!

Ideally looking for high level daily players that are in dead guilds and/or tired of carrying all of the work for their current guild!
Level 800+
500,000+ Gold Weekly
Max Seals Weekly
75+ Trophies
Weekly Guild Participation


Level blah blah blah, Bracket whatever… GET PAID!


We have 2 spots open in a highly active guild. We work as a team and get stuff done. If you’re one of those players that feels like you’re doing all the work and not getting the rewards you’ll be a good fit.


I just checked. We’re in bracket 118. What a joke. I guess if you would like some easy Guild War battles you can come join us. We still have 1 spot open. Don’t wait too long to message me, Busty or Dirty. We’re about to start doing Legendary Tasks for this week.


UPDATE 1/13/19: ONE SPOT AVAILABLE TODAY…for the right new teammate!!!
Tasks completed by Tuesday every week, seals maxed by Wednesday…every week. Our team is super friendly AND super competitive. We work hard as a team and communication is a must.
EST. May 2018, blazing our path to the top ranks at lightning speed!!!
Think you have what it takes to be a Bandit??? DM me ASAP… opening will be filled today!