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100 things you wish you knew about Gems of War [DONE]

If you don’t want to spend the $50 on death knight, buy the 15 days of 15 gems for $5.
4 days would get you the +50% gold dwarf armor and a month would get you the excellent dragon armor.
Unlock zhul Kari and complete quests to unlock map mini game and tyri. Maps are a good source of a few gems and even 50 gem dwarf armor with 50% gold bonus helps alot.


Nope - have to disagree on that one! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Absolutely. I know everything :smiley:

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i think in that case 50% armor reduction is also amazing/worth traiting (even if the only troop u can posibly trait relatively soon early on is golem - for the less lucky ones)

Thanks for all the great suggestions everybody! I guess this is “last call” … if there’s anything else LMK because I’m going to start on this tomorrow.


Putting Valkyrie/Alchemist/etc. in your defend team does not generate extra souls/gold/etc.


in arena - between arena fights you can leave and come back later with no consequences - you dont have to do all 8 fights straight one after another


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Another tip:

Cover as many of the colors as possible on your team and do not try to focus just one color specifically when building

Part 2 is up!

Would anybody like to help me out and make a template for the video thumbnails? As you can see, I stink with Photoshop lol

I will give a shoutout and credit in my next video to you :slight_smile:



Great video, Krud :slight_smile: I love it when the community gets together to help out the newer players!

One small nit: You said, “You sometimes get a Mana Surge on a 4-match.” This is actually false; it is not possible to get a Surge on a 4-match. It’s always on a 5, sometimes on a 3, and never on a 4. I’m not sure why it was developed this way, but there it is.

Keep it up!


This just proves that no matter what I think I know, there’s always something I don’t.

Man do I ever learn cool things from everybody :slight_smile:

Tacet made a comment to that effect, but I forgot to put in the annotation… ty for the reminder!

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I could help you out with an image if you tell me what you want in the image.

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Really? Thank you!!! :smiley: :smiley:

I would say that the sky is the limit in terms of creativity. I would only ask that if there is text, that it be readable when viewed in the YouTube thumbnail.

This a difference between console and everything else then? Will need to make a video to prove it, but I remember often getting 9 mana from zero on valkyrie from a 4 match with banner of progress.

Cool. I’ll see what I can come up with tomorrow. :smile_cat:

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Yes, it’s different on Console.

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Ha ha that article is even more confusing. I always 5 match expecting a guaranteed surge. Didn’t know it could fail. Don’t remember seeing a fail but do remember going to cast a troop I thought was supposed to be full when it wasn’t. Will have to test that now.

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A 5 match never fails for a mana surge. 4 matches don’t surge.

Edit: Nevermind. I didn’t notice you were on console.

Thanks, I think it’s fixed ? Please LMK. I tried to time the note where I was just babbling anyhow.


edit: I suck at forums, comments and anything where sharp object are concerned. Earlier I accidentally deleted a bunch of @Tacet’s comments from my page… and now I don’t know if I even replied to the right place. :laughing: Send for the nice people in the white coats :scream: