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100 things you wish you knew about Gems of War [DONE]

Unlock a hero class and level up that class with souls as early as possible, it’s a very strong troop for the first couple of hundred levels. The Necromancer class from the Khetar quest line offers a pretty good class weapon.

id say only warlord + clude + half red banner is worth it at the beginning if at all.
necromancer or sorcerer is acceptable too i suppose but i think its not so effective early game when your magic and mana masteries are really low

but we are suppose to give universal advices not an optional one

  • hero is optional, so please include that adnotation to not misslead someone who just pulled khorvash or mab early on to not do something counterproductive

i mean guys, this thread purpose is to let ppl NOT REGRET…

giving half-a**ed advices will only lead to more regrets for many ppl who dont meet the standard you assume.

another idea:

  • efficient to do : quests only to get certain troops/class u need > arena > treasure hunt > pvp

The Necromancer one is very effective early game. The one thing that is hard to come by until you get your masteries high enough is area damage, Creeping Death gives you loads of that due to the class color boost, plus two Death Mark on top. In a more general way, class weapons let you break out of the progression limitations imposed by masteries.

[quote=“Annaerith, post:30, topic:15529”]but we are suppose to give universal advices not an optional one

  • hero is optional, so please include that adnotation to not misslead
    someone who just pulled khorvash or mab early on to not do something
    I might be wrong, but I had the impression we should name things new(ish) players would find helpful knowing. From my experience, they are often not aware that their hero can be made stronger with souls too, just like other troops. In a reliable way, without the randomness of lucky chest pulls involved. I know I’d definitely regret repeatedly going with my fists into a knife fight, with one huge gun being so readily available in my back yard. :wink:
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If you were saving up your glory for weekly troop bundles, instead of spending them on glory chests, you could buy the arcanes you want with glory. The weekly troop bundles come with matching arcane traitstones. It may take a while for the right arcanes to show up in a glory bundle, but that would give you plenty of time to save up enough glory.


its not like i disagree completely
classes can be powerful early game too

maybe i misread the topic too but i thought this list should be something to ‘check in’ and ‘obey’ first thing you join gow - like that i think some specific guilde lines should be left with explanation why and when to do so.

so yeah for example say 'if you have no strong units you can use hero then choose warlord/crude or necro/scythe for one of best combinations and level that chosen class to lv 20’
something like this would be totally ok, in comparison to telling new player (who has no idea) to just do it blindly (i personally dont like hero and did not play it earlo on which i do not regret)

also another idea:

  • always use soul generating and/or map generating troop in every team you play - this will give you a lot more resources per time spent so in the end saves your time (even if single fight takes slightly longer)

finaly found all the things - the bare minimum i think new player should know, that i put in together a while ago:
(some is will be repeat that i already wrote here but here is whole thing together)

it was before they added pirate kingdom

Most people there are doing their best and giving out the best information they have, unfortunately it’s mostly bad advice or outright wrong. Anybody with a good understanding of the game mechanics can lurk the chat and see how awful most of the advice is. I will be directing people to the official forums.

i still disagree, most of advices i see in chat is right, if you consider higher level players
and u can find just as many wrong advices in the forum
in game at least u can see their level and pvp activity that could give a hint about their experience being behind their advices unlike forum where you have no hint other then title of those who have it or their own claims

Don’t level the miner thinking the 100 gold thing is good - not realising the gold cap


I am doing both - actually - (In fact I just bought my bundle Wayfinder 4 times) and still had glory left over to buy another 50 chests.

New bundles - they come with traitstones for first trait…maybe second trait.

Older troops such as goblins, orcs and such are not in bundles so glory chests is where you can get lots of higher level traitstones besides farming.

I could throw a load of salt here, but I won’t, because new players are good and all. I like them. They deserve the best so that they can get the maximum enjoyment out of the game. But I’d like to throw my hat in the ring here.

  • No one person knows everything. Except the devs. Everyone is capable of human error and much advice can be taken with a grain of salt
  • Defend teams do worse the longer you keep them. Switch them up regularly
  • Early on, the Leader trait is amazing. If you can, get a troop with Leader (Coronet specifically is amazing), level it, and get AT LEAST the Leader trait
  • End game balance is a lot different than early game balance. Ignore the “Nerf this” threads, unless it is in the off-topic section, about D.va, and you like Overwatch. Then I encourage you to join that discussion. But you don’t need to worry about the troubles of end-game players for a while
  • Most importantly, whatever you do, play at your own pace, don’t go too hard at this for too long, and don’t push yourself too hard or you will most likely get burnt out
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I wish to know how to use filter better. For example, if i want to find troop which is both human and knight, typing human knight or knight human got no result. Also how to search for troop that ability has poison without showing you troops that has the text “poison” someplace else.
This is probably the biggest headache when trying to find troops for combo especially when i was starting out.

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I think filter on race is a console only thing. Not sure why pc/mobile is missing it. Unless I just can’t find it.

If you don’t want to spend the $50 on death knight, buy the 15 days of 15 gems for $5.
4 days would get you the +50% gold dwarf armor and a month would get you the excellent dragon armor.
Unlock zhul Kari and complete quests to unlock map mini game and tyri. Maps are a good source of a few gems and even 50 gem dwarf armor with 50% gold bonus helps alot.


Nope - have to disagree on that one! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Absolutely. I know everything :smiley:

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i think in that case 50% armor reduction is also amazing/worth traiting (even if the only troop u can posibly trait relatively soon early on is golem - for the less lucky ones)

Thanks for all the great suggestions everybody! I guess this is “last call” … if there’s anything else LMK because I’m going to start on this tomorrow.


Putting Valkyrie/Alchemist/etc. in your defend team does not generate extra souls/gold/etc.


in arena - between arena fights you can leave and come back later with no consequences - you dont have to do all 8 fights straight one after another