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Game help - i am new player

Dear all,
i am quite new on this game but i like it a lot!!
I would like to understand well how to get maximum results from my gameplay.
For example on this forum i read that many players are improving the level of the realm on the maps. Why? How that works?
I am on a guild with only 3 active members and unfortunately nobody wants to add our guild :cry: but i am finding some guild that have been created few days ago(30/40 days) and are already on the top of rank. How it’s possible?
Another “problem” is finding traistones: the ones required for the most powerful trais (arcane) are very difficult to have. Is there any trick to have them?
Any suggestion for improvement will be highly appreciate :smile:
Thanks a lot to all the players that will spend few minutes replying

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some quick headstart hints:

  • most important: join active guild - meaning guild that is close to full with every member playign daily and contributing some, to find such guild best shot you have is this forum or asking in channel 1 at in game chat

  • information tooltips: - go to settings (the gizmo button) and toggle on ‘show spell details’ - this will help you see how much mana u need and some other spell/effect info

  • at troop list and hero weapon list you can toggle on ‘show all’ which is on top of screen, also on bottom of screen u will find small search window where you can enter text to search specific spell, trait, troop, effect, etc - with this you can read about everyhting that you dont have yet

  • early on bestways to gain resources for you (beside guild) will be either playing arena minigame (unlocked at broken spire) or treasure hunt mini game (unlocked at zhul’kari, requires tyri or marid to get maps - tyri u also get at zhulkaeri quest line)

  • also good way for you to learn about game will be generally joining channel 1 in game chat and asking there, ppl are really helpful and friendly there

  • use soul generating troop (or at least map generating troop) in every team you use - that way you will be getting more resources for the time spent (soul troops: valkyrie, banshee, wigh, avina, the dragon soul)(map troops: tyri, marid)

  • resource priorities:

gems: 1. save to buy dragon armor for 500gems (or the soul % armor that also costs 500 gems but i recommend dragon gold% first) 2. buy the other 500gem armor (or neither of those if you bought the 50$ armor) 3. open gem (or vip) chests with the same guidelines as gem keys/glory keys.

gold: 1. unlock kingdoms > 2. level up kingdoms > 3. donate to guild

glory: 1. save for weekly new troop bundles in shop-rewards mainly to get _arcane traitstone_s that you will eventually need from it but also for when you will find there a good troop

souls: focus on just leveling your team that you use for now

gold keys: open right away

glory/gem keys: open right away, you can also wait till a ‘mythic exclusive’ event ends or starts for a different chance for different mythics but early on i would say open right away coz u need to get any decent troops right now not the mythics

event keys: save for week where evented kingdom have a troop that you like, for example a week where new troop bundles belong to Ghoulvania - event chests have chance for ghoulvania troops such as cimson bat and draak - so you use event keys to target specific kingdom units allright :wink:


I’m not sure what guilds you’re referring to but I can assure you there are no new guilds on the top of the ranks. Even very active new guilds take months to reach top 50. :slight_smile:

In regard to upgrading your kingdoms (I’m assuming that’s what you mean by realms), you want to upgrade them to get tribute bonuses and increase your base stats (+magic, +attack, etc). You get the first at kingdom level 10 and then another when you get to 5 stars. But if you’re a new player, don’t worry about either of those yet. Focus on building a decent team and getting them leveled up first. I’d also recommend trying to find a move active, newbie friendly guild. Search the Guild Recruitment (PC/Mobile) threads for a guild with no or minimal reqs.

The best place to earn traitstones in the beginning is just through PvP or, if you need specific traitstones, through Explore. :slight_smile:

Edit: @Annaerith beat me to it. I also forgot about the mini games since I don’t play them anymore but she is correct that those are even better than my suggestions for new players.


thanks a lot for your help!!
I will absolutely follow your suggestions

First and foremost, WELCOME @Daniel!
You have found a great game with an incredible forum community.
Now, as for early game, all of the above suggestions are 100% on point, but I would add, go ahead and do those questlines. Each one provides an epic level troop for your roster and at low levels you need all the troops you can muster. Also, do not overlook the challenges once you finish a quest line, they offer a ton of souls which can be used to jump-start your preferred team to a higher level.

Best of Luch and Happy Hunting! :wink:


What they said is all good, I would just add, focus on leveling up your kingdoms with gold. First level up to 10 magic kingdoms, then attack kingdoms, life kingdoms come third and last to level 10 do armor kingdoms.
Don’t worry about traitstones yet you will get plenty once you reach higher in game.


Thank you,
i’ve asked about that guild because yesterday i read on a recruitment topic that a guild that was about 40 days old(its administrator was saying that) was already on top 50 and so i think that there were some mistakes in my gameplay because even if me and the other 2 members are playing daily we are only #1700
Now you are calming me :smile: thanks!!

thanks a lot :smile:

Thanks for the help :smile:

There are no such guilds, if some guild claimed that that’s just a bunch of lies.
Oh and a very important thing: USE A TROOP IN YOUR TEAM THAT GENERATES SOULS. Your best option is valkyria. She doesn’t even need traits or level (but leveling her up is always welcome so that she doesn’t get one shot by some enemy troop).


Guilds that are 40 days old in the top 50 do not exist on PC/Mobile.

Guilds that have not updated how long they’ve been around while updating their ranking are entirely plausible.

Guilds on XBox/PS4 I know nearly nothing about. Pay attention to which platform you’re looking at recruitment threads for, I had some issues with that for a while myself.

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true i totally forgot about that, gonna include it in my list - i hope you dont mind :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


you might want to check this out. What new guild members ask about the most :) (fast newbie faq)

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allright i finished my ‘quick headstart hints’ :stuck_out_tongue:

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thank you, very helpful.
I loved it

If not already mentioned, get tyri from the questline so she can get you maps. Maps give you a lot of rewards compared to a normal game.

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