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1.0.9 - Known Issues

@Gouki is right, When you have a perk selected it should be highlighted in yellow a bit ( mine is the ‘Deadly Power’ perk)

DOH, it’s 1 perk at a time? Doesn’t sound very good.

The perks unlock pretty early in the game for new players. When they do, they are very strong.

I haven’t seen all the special weapons yet, but looking at the Priest one, 6 life and cleans, vs some of the mastery unlock weapons like Yasmine’s Chalice, and you wonder if the class weapons are suppose to fill niches early to mid-game.

The class traits look strong, but costly to unlock, so I suspect they are balanced for late-game.

Doh! Makes sense. Though I can’t see a hero in a deck competing against all legendary decks. None of the weapons hold a candle to some of the advanced traits a legendary can have.

What? The warlord weapon deals 40+ targeted nukes easily on regular high attack troops, significantly more on stacked goblins or any attack buffed up troops.
The AoE weapons deal almost 20 damage to all enemies (Sorcs or other classes might probably push that higher, i haven’t unlocked a lot of classes and their traits yet).
Statwise they seem at least as high as most legendary troops are.
I don’t see why they wouldn’t be a viable option.

I just noticed a glitch with the new weapon Sand and dust. When you use it, the troop you move to the front doesn’t lose any armor.

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I have a glitch with Sheggra. In some instances, the red gems are converted in skulls and then it creates the red gems (which remain red). Happened to me twice over quite some fights, could not find a pattern

I just came across a bug with a card called Marid. His spell is deal 6 damage and inflict a random status effect on an enemy when there are more than 10 green gems. There were only three green gems present and he was able to silence my troop.strong text

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Yes, Marid is broken. He always applies debuff, no matter what’s on the board. At least it worked that way in my case, 2 times AFAIR.

Yasmine’s Chalice was an event weapon, and I’m happy to have one together with my Archer or Priest class :wink:

Dryad targeting herself seems to want to trigger her Impervious because of the Barrier. This occurred more than once, so I got an excellent screenshot: its the enemy’s turn, no other targets to heal, can see the Barrier coming into place and the Impervious thinking to trigger for no good reason.

so… when doing high win arena and rank 1 pvp… is there a difference between hard and normal now?

According to the iOS app, “Hard” confers a 10% stat boost to enemies. No difficulties mention a combo-breaker anymore.

I know I saw this in some thread already but I just got one of these FUSE ERROR things when trying to ascend a troop…

mine lagged a bit while i was fusing… so maybe related to the server issues @Shimrra? mine had fused.

So that was weird… Cast my Great Maw’s Sandstorm spell… Two enemies were left alive at this time, a Dust Devil and something else… When I cast my spell, the Dust Devil ‘greyed out’ as if it had Stealthy and couldn’t be targeted… I clicked on it anyway, and Great Maw’s spell cast - it made the brown and yellow gems, but failed to Devour the Dust Devil… And Maw’s spell got the grey lightning bolt icon and can’t be cast again…

Dunno if this has been reported anywhere yet… And no, Dust Devils don’t have the Stealthy trait…

Maybe Maws don’t like the taste of Dust Devils? I suppose they’d be all gritty and get stuck in your teeth…

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Blighted Lands bonus for 4 unique troops. Any combo of 4 unique troops will give the 3 unique troops bonus instead.

I only have 4 to test, any combo of 3 out of the 4 still continue to grant the 3 troop bonus. I checked in case one troop wasn’t being counted.

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I have a screenshot I could post of the exact same issue, if people for some reason can’t see it on their own.

Kind of sucks about Eternal Flame and gem creators. I get that it could be out of hand but it also makes the magic bonus pointless for your hero if you’re using one, so your game will not go up the way other players might experience. Flame is the igniter switch for my build.

Any hope to get daemonomicon fixed soon? I posted the problem on support