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1.0.9 - Known Issues

Hey Guys,

Just wanted to create place where we’ll list out issues players have been encountering and keep you updated on our current progress with them.

  • Revenant Vengeance spell is Death marking his last ally. Status: Fix has been put out
  • Game has download error when trying to enter the Ice and Fire battle in Blighted Lands. Status: Fix has been put out
  • Killing Abhorath in the battles is crashing the game. Status: We’ve changed the way his legendary trait Sacrifice works and put the fix out.
  • Difficulties are still applying stat buffs in PVP + Arena but not rewards. Status: We have reverted them back similar to the way they were working in 1.0.8. (apart from the fact that the AI Combo Breaker will gradually turn itself off in ALL difficulties now). They will be changing to the way we intended them to be in patch 2.0.
  • Someone experience problems with multiple refunds. Status: Refunds have been reactivated. Issue has been fixed.
  • Warden’s brown weapon color bonus is not working correctly. Status: Fix Deployed
  • Webspinner lost Daemon Bond instead of Venomous when her new Legendary Trait was added. Status: Fix Deployed
  • Incorrect traitstones dropping in the Blighted Lands. Status: Fix Deployed
  • Giant Spider has been added as a refund, because the rework messed with some people’s teams. Status: Fix Deployed
  • Too many system messages in chat. Status: Fix deployed. But we will continue to observe this over the weekend.
  • AoE Damage not popping Barrier. Status: Confirmed & Fixed. But will not be available until 2.0
  • Reduction of level requirements for difficulty, based on player feedback. Status: Reduced to 50,75,100,125,150 from 50,100,150,200,250. Fix deployed
  • Hex Blade spell on Herald of Chaos not destroying row. Status: Fix done. Will be deployed on Monday 14th

lol yes blighted lands issue fixed, but rest my progress in drifting sands

I’m not understanding what you meant.

sorry bro half sleep … sure you understand lol
i was doing the drifting sand main quest waiting for the fix on blited…
after blited was fixed i went back to drifting sands main quest and it was reset back to the begining

have reloaded a couple of times, but “search for signs of life” in blighted lands is crashing like the “ice and fire”

What is the name of the quest you are doing? It could be that you are trying to do the Fire and Ice battle. Also what platform are you playing on?

I just won my 60th revenge battle. I now see that I have mail that will give me the rewards, but it was very confusing initially. Especially on a small bar like the revenge counter (where it might be difficult to read how full the meter is), it would be nice to have a post-match notification that we should check our inbox.

in blighted lands the quest is “search for signs of life” its quest gem 1 subpart 2. i am on steam.

also - arena isnt supposed to be based on warlord right? i was on warlord 4 for a challenge and im fighting someone with with
hero: 11 (damaged) armor and 54 health and 21 attack
centaur: 15 armor and 33 health and 18 attack
dwarf lord: 19 armor (damaged) and 30 hp and 18 attack
drake rider: 23 armor (damaged) and 30 hp and 21 attack

So that should be fixed. I just tested that battle and I was fine. Make sure you closed the game (and maybe steam). You should have an small update that has the fix it it.

This is related the Difficulty in PVP issues. We’re currently looking into this.

had to restart steam.

didnt realize pvp and arena would be linked.

It looks like they are both experiencing similar problems.

Update regarding PVP and Arena Difficulties: We have reverted them back similar to the way they were working in 1.0.8. (apart from the fact that the AI Combo Breaker will gradually turn itself off in ALL difficulties now). They will be changing to the way we intended them to be in patch 2.0.


its too bad that for the ladder you cant just adjust the rewards to take into account the different difficulties… like

normal is 1 smiley face
hard is 2 smiley faces
warlord 1 is 3 smiley faces
warlord 4 is 6 smiley faces

substitute smiley faces for what ever token or shape you are going to use…
that way you can get quick up by going harder or you can grind at lower. :slight_smile:

Does that mean both stat and bonus multipliers are now in effect? If so you should remove the text on the pvp panel stating the opposite.

Stoneskin, the new Agile:

As it was with the other trait, the troop can remain upon death.
Or perhaps I’m mistaken, and a different issue is at fault…

Hmm… we didn’t change anything with Stoneskin, so I think it might be something else.
We’ll investigate when we’re back in the office tomorrow morning - thanks for the heads-up!

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It’s probably related to this, but I just wanted to let you know that the yellow weapon bonus for Priest class also is not working. I’m using eternal flame, so I should have +5 magic bonus being a priest class hero. But I’m only getting 7 red gems spawned (and eternal flame spawns [2 + magic] red gems). I’m level 620 so I should be getting way more red gems spawned as I also have a general magic skill (which is 5 or 6 or so IIRC) outside of the priest class…

This weapon has changed:

Eternal Flame

  • Mana Cost increased from 6 to 8
  • Now converts a Gem to Red, then create 7 more Red Gems
  • Now Burns a random enemy

…as expected, and in line with most gem spammers… doesn’t scale with Magic any more… especially as we can get access to even higher magic stats…

Ah, I missed that. So basically the priest class magic bonus for yellow weapons is useless for the best yellow weapon… :frowning:

EDIT: But it still lists as scaling with magic on the weapons list…

( Epic Weapon )
Eternal Flame (Mana Cost:6 Yellow , Only obtained from special events)
Convert a Gem to Red, then create [2+Magic] more Red Gems.[/quote]