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Zuul'Goth in Event chests?

It’s Karakoth event week next week, event chests are supposed to contain all kingdom troops of rarity Ultra-Rare and higher. This also includes the kingdom Mythic, Zuul’Goth in this case. Has there been any info yet if this established rule is going to get broken next week? Or is it safe to burn through lots of Event Keys in hopes of completing the collection?

If you get Zuul’Goth from event chests it’s not intended. Just like when he was in the forge (without having to use power orbs). If you get him, you will lose him.


I wouldn’t hold my breath to be honest… it seems highly unlikely he will be appearing considering he is meant to be soulforge exclusive and if there is a bug where he is available, they might just remove him.

It’s really hard to tell without some official response, it’s a corner case that hasn’t come up before. A lot of players will quite reasonably believe that Event chests will contain Zuul’Goth, because their purpose is to allow you to fish for kingdom specific troops, at higher cost than Gem chests.

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If Zuul’Goth is not going to be in chests, I’d suggest making this very apparent very soon, otherwise I predict quite a bit of extra support and publicity work upcoming.


I hope Zuul’goth is in the drop table. Karakoth event is barely twice a year. It would also make for a great event key sink since it is a lot more realistic to throw 1,000s of event keys at it than to craft it. It would be the first instance where there is a mythic in the event key drop table that essentially everyone doesn’t have.

I’m not even 1/4 the way to crafting Zuul’goth despite making leaderboard every Bounty Hunter and getting Raids and Invasions completed essentially every week.


Was not the intention that he would only be craftable then? 8 power orbs required talks for itself. Also I think we would heard from someone getting him or seeing some other getting him if he was in the drop table, by now.

I mean… if they wanted to avoid a situation like this, they could have shoved Zuul’goth into a kingdom that doesn’t have a physical appearance like Apocalypse or Primal. He’s definitely destructive enough to be Apocalypse for example and it would completely avoid this issue (Unless they release it as a kingdom later on) but yeah…


He wouldnt be much of a hot target for endgame players if he was not bounded into a kingdom with Power Levels. Since he is bounded to a kingdom with Power Levels means he gives progression in the game itself, and as it seems you can only get the Karakoths mythic by spending tons of valuable ascension orbs and less valuable orbs creating Power Orbs in the Soulforge.

Karakoth event starts next week, it’s the first one since Zuul’Goth was introduced. Hearing from someone getting him by now feels somewhat… unlikely.

I’m sure the devs wouldn’t introduce Zuul in event chests unless they make a (huge) mistake. He is a goal and achievement, if anyone gets him that easy it would be unfair for anyone who achieved him with orbs.

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I for a moment thought we had a Karakoth event.

Of course Zuul won’t be in event chests next week. Whether or not he should or shouldn’t in players opinion. As Razzagor said, only an error from Dev’s would make Zuul available. That might very well happen though. Then it’s time for magical “take the troop back from players and apologize” -move and refund jumble. If I see someone finding Zuul, I’ll go for it all in blasting just for fun and some refund bonus loot.

…although they should make it very clear Zuul is not in event chests or they need to go through several tickets of players asking for their keys back.


I agree, except if it’s a bug.:stuck_out_tongue:

Zuul’Goth should be an Apocalypse troop.


As an active endgame player I rather prefer a carrot than none. He would not had been a carrot for me if he was not bounded to a PL kingdom. He is tremendous expensive to craft, but at least he helps us progress in the game. And hopefully he will get a rework as well.

There was no carrot for Xathenos and I think players got him only to have all troops.

For Power level, that changes not that much. You just have to wait for an additionnal troop.

I wonder how many of us core active endgame players that would had crafted Xathenos for 8 Power Orbs instead…

i still havnt crafted xatheno xD


with this topic, it probably won’t

Good luck waiting on a second base mythic to appear in Karakoth if you want it at 10 star.