⚡ Join AES SEDAI and fight the dark one 💥 Casual friendly

Aes Sedai are once again recruiting active wielders of the one power to fight the dark one. Rumours you may have heard about agents of the black ajah are baseless.

We’re a pretty casual group with some members having been around for 2 or more years. We aren’t strict on requirements and understand that life is more important than games. That said we’re looking for active players who are able to contribute with 3 of the following 4 things:

  • Fighting regularly in guild wars
  • 500+ seals each week
  • 100+ trophies each week
  • 150k+ gold each week

So if you’re a lower level player you can spend your gold on levelling up your kingdoms while still contributing in the other ways.

We have all guild statues over level 100 at maximum power with the following bonuses:

  • +6% tribute chance
  • +10% tribute amount
  • +50% XP
  • +50% Souls
  • +2 Glory
  • +6 map turns


If you wish to join us please reply here with your invite code or send me a PM.


Glad to hear you sorted your problem, wish you guys all luck in the world.


Bump for the new week.

We’re still looking for active players to join us.

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Aes Sedai has a couple of spots opened up this week. If you love playing the game but are tired of demands and the relentless grind of your hardcore guild we would love for you to join us.

Bump. We have open slots so get in touch if you would like to join us.

We’ve a couple of spots opened up for the new week. Get in touch if you’re looking for a good guild that isn’t too demanding.

I heard the Black Ajah have found a way to get around the Oath Rod. Are you sure they are all gone?

Hahah quite sure. Remember I can’t lie…

We have 1 spot open this week, PM me if interested.

We have a few spots open for the new week. Please post your invite code here or PM me if interested.

Invente code: SCHASCHA

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We have a couple more spots opened up this week. PM me or post your invite code here if you would like to join us.

Are you still open? I am currently one of a few active members in a guild, I play most days, Lvl 989 all Kingdoms 10, l am looking for a fun casual guild. If you have an opening let me know and I will leave my guild and post my invite code. Thanks, love the guild name :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes we would love to have you Dp65

Invite code: SPARHAWK (all caps)

Thank you for your reply, looking forward to being part of your guild.

I’d like to join if you still have a spot open

Invite Code: BODACIOUS

I have invited you both. Welcome to the white tower!

Bullet-proof of goldenleaf_qztp

Fuzzy323 I’m not sure what you mean. I tried the invite code goldenleaf_qztp but the system says it does not exist.

We have a couple of spots open once again. PM or post here if interested.