⚡ Join AES SEDAI and fight the dark one 💥 Casual friendly

I’m looking for a guild, active mid level player. My invite code is Hatshepsut if you have an opening.

Azathoth I’ve sent you an invitation.

plz invite me i’m lvl71 and i’m online alot My invite code is : GAMERCCHICK_JCZC

Mesanai I tried inviting you but you are already in another guild. You need to leave it first if you want to be sent invitations.

ok then you can try to invite me now

Invitation sent

Curious to know what portal you are at atm. You can answer in pm.

We’re on the 6th portal atm

Same for us. Was just curious if my speculation of mid-guild will get stuck on 7th, while good rewards start from the 8th

I think you might have to have a guild full of masochists to get up to portal 8 or more! :wink: Personally I don’t find it very fun fighting the same guy all week. At least with guild wars you have to mix up your strategy a bit and you get different challenges every day. This raid boss thing is just same thing, but bigger numbers, over and over. 5 arcanes for the 6th portal is a good pickup so hopefully we’ll finish that off but if no-one wants to do it after that I’m not going to mind.

I think paying gems for tier 4 and then get to portal 6 is a decent cost ratio, if you add all rewards from the shop and the portals. Just too bad Orbs come so late in the scales

I had to drop in on the White Tower. I won’t ask for a meeting with the Amrylin Seat! I’m not crazy… yet! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I am 4 books in on my reread of The Wheel of Time. Enjoying it even more the second time around.

Hey is @MatrimCauthon a member of this guild? :thinking:
If he is true to the character he would avoid this guild like the plague! :joy:

Best of luck recruiting!

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Oh nice. It’s going to be tough getting through the middle books where Jordan went through that “string them along with nothing much happening so the publisher can make more money” phase for the second time round. It was tough enough the first time! But those first 4 or 5 books were magic.

And no @MatrimCauthon is not in our guild. We have standards in the White Tower! :disappointed:


This made me literally lol! :joy:

Do you still have a spot open?

Yes we do. Please post or PM me your invite code.

Thanks so much for your response, but I just found a home yesterday. I will look for you if I’m ever homeless in future.

We have one spot open this week. We’re looking for an experienced player who knows the ins and outs of weekly events like guild wars and raids. That said we’re a low pressure, friendly guild.

PM or post here if interested.