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You would make a LOT more money in the shop IF

I and others would purchase a lot more stuff in the shop if it were sold in smaller and cheaper units.
example traitstones. you have a pack of 36 for $35. I only need like 6 to 12 of them.
am I going to pay $35 for the handful of traitstones that I need … not a chance.

Microtransactions are supposed to be micro. less than 10 dollars.
not the price of a full AAA title game.

sell the traitstones in packs of 6 for $5 and your sales will explode.
I would absolutely have no problem spending 5 or 10 dollars on a regular basis.


I would like to see this as well! +1 brudda

Love this idea @xamax!
Unfortunately it has been discussed many times here on the forums and the devs, for whatever reason seem content with their price points…

I KNOW they are leaving money on the table…

Best of Luck with this endeavor, you have my support bro! :wink:


This is why I’ve spent $0 and probably won’t ever spend much money on the game. The things that are available for $5 are trivial to farm, and the things that aren’t trivial/possible to farm start at $15-$50. I don’t spend money in those increments.


505 the publisher handles the money things in an unclear manner Sirrian once hinted…

So, you want 6 arcane for $5. Ok. Seems fair to me.

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just to be clear, I would want 6 identical traitstones for $5.
do NOT put 6 different stones in a pack.

in a perfect world, I would be able to pick and choose from the 28 different stones
at a dollar per stone. but I can live with packs of 6 identical stones.

Hero weapons aren’t, however.

I would be completely on board with this. As an endgame-r who has been around long enough to have gotten all the weapons when they came out, the things I can buy with real money are all stuff I have more than enough of (gold, souls, keys, non-Mythic troops, weapons, etc). There simply isn’t anything in the cash store that I want or need.

Pretty much the only things I’m missing now are Arcanes and Celestials to finish traiting my troops, and a few Mythics. Some under-$20 deals on those would open up my wallet instantly.

Edit: the Soulforge cash deals might be worthwhile, if the craftable Mythic troops weren’t random. I’ve been sitting on 4K diamonds for Pharos forever. :frowning:

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100% agree with this, I am not going to buy the weapons but I would a pack of 6 of the same Arcanes

Its ironic that the publisher doesn’t know how to handle things such that they earn more money. They should gouge us properly, jeez!


the key packs are quite ridiculous in price no matter which end of the player spectrum you’re on. any guild getting the majority of weekly tasks done gets plenty of keys that makes any $50-$100 price a joke. nor would it benefit a new player trying to boost up without any guarantee of ultra rare or better. I guess maybe the devs subscribe to the mantra of P.T. Barnum, “There’s a sucker born every minute”.


I guess the thing that insults me the most is Path to Glory.

Every. Single. Day. Represents things that my newbie ass can either farm in 20 minutes. The only rewards that aren’t easily farmable are once-per-week and things my guild gives me more of. The devs are trying to make it seem like such a deal for claiming it’s marked down from $250 to $75.

  • If I pay as much money as a 2DS plus two Pokèmon games, I expect 1 of every troop. Leveled to Mythic. I just bought the whole damn game. You think 1 legendary is worth it? I think you insult me.
  • I can buy, for $75, Breath of the Wild, a big-ass bag of chips, and some queso. 8 months later Breath of the Wild’s still as fun as the day I bought it. Gems of War can’t even align the “deals” in its store right:

Presentation matters when you’re trying to sell me 3% of a video game’s progression with an estimated value of $250. I do think there’s $250 worth of time there. But I’m perfectly willing to spend $250 of my time grinding out traitstones as opposed to paying that for 3% of a game’s progress. If the devs think a full collection’s worth $7500, I’m glad they’re proud.

I can buy Magic: the Gathering sealed complete sets for about $120. If I want a 4x playlet, that’s $480. That means I can build a badass Standard-legal deck that last me a year of play for $480. Gems of War thinks its valued at 15 years worth of Magic play. Discounted, they value enough traitstones to complete the game as something like 10 years of Magic play.

They’re dreaming. And it makes me not even want to give them $5. The first thing they can do to change my mind is take anything with a $250 price tag out of the game, especially with the bullshit “Oh, but we discounted our imaginary stuff to $50!”

Kay-Bee toys was sued out of business for this.


If i would the one responsible to go after your money, i would not only enable purchases based on the amount of traitstones you want, but i would also offer small incetives based on how much you are buying.

Let’s say you want four traitstones, then it would cost U$3.99 (This gives the illusion that the client is not paying 4, but 3.), but if you pick another traitstone your pack would cost U$4,99 and you would get three extra glory keys on this deal. Are you considering make it a U$9.99? I tell you what, i’ll double the glory keys, put three extra gem keys and one vip key on your pack.
Do we have a deal? :sunglasses:

I’m going to appendix my last post:

The “pay $5 to boost your guild in GW” packs are the most tempting to me. Stinks that it’s only a week at a time, but that’s the thing I’m most likely to spend a bit of money on. I like it because I’m not the only person who gets stuff, technically it’s “reward * 30”.

The VIP system is pretty cool. I like the idea that every dollar I spend contributes towards passive bonuses. The bonuses aren’t “amazing” but it’d be stupid if they were.

That’s the cruddy balance I admit: if you get too much per dollar, it’s P2W and people get insulted. Right now I’m insulted because the $50 stuff is rubbed in my face frequently. Put a weird time-limited $5 in front of me on a payday and I’m liable to bite. No F2P game’s getting $50 out of me in one chunk unless it’s a permanent “every timer is disabled”. GoW doesn’t have timers.

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the bottleneck in the game has always been the arcane traitstones.
so many are needed to level up cards and with a drop rate of 2%
you have to farm forever to get what you need.

I cant believe that anyone (except maybe a few) are buying the traitstone packs

I have to believe that, if they felt they’d make more money in aggregate by lowering prices and unbundling, they’d have done so by now. The game has been around for several years now and this philosophy hasn’t changed. But I can’t see their numbers or projections, so this is just conjecture.

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MTX are for whales. Those 30 and 50 dollar packs are for people who enjoy the game enough and have enough disposable income to grab them on a whim. The Deathknight armour exists to guilt you into buying it, thinking of all the bonuses you’ve “missed” by not having it, and Path to Glory and Growth Pack are positioned to grab newer players who think they need those things as a headstart to get into a guild.

While I 100% agree with the OP, my fear with threads like this is when everyone comes in and says things like “Why would I pay ‘X money’ for ‘Y thing’ when I can just get that from guild rewards (or wherever) in a small amount of time.”

The fear is that this is seen and the reaction by the publishers isn’t “yeah, we should decrease the prices of things in the shop” and is instead “they have a point, it is too easy to get those resources, let’s nerf guild rewards (or whatever reward) to make the shop look more lucrative”.

May be stabbing ourselves in the back…


I get it, but don’t see it.

When I last looked at my checklist, I need something like 3,000 of each arcane if I want to trait every troop. It looks like they’re being sold in packs that max out in the “tens”. While I am complaining there isn’t enough stuff to motivate me to spend money, “10 arcanes” is a neat unit of sale. That tends to be enough to trait out ONE troop, which is a pretty decent boost of power. (I could be wrong about higher-end troops there but whatever.)

The Deathknight Armor pack is the only $50 one that makes sense, regardless of whether I’d spend on it. That thing says “if you start a new account, you can spend $50 to skip some grinding and get the important VIP level”. This is what a $50 purchase in an F2P game should feel like: an immediate, obvious, and permanent boost to your power. Even though I have Dragon/Celestial armor, I can’t help but drool over Deathknight. I don’t have and probably won’t ever spend $50 all in one go, but this ONE deal gets my seal of approval.

I think the $5-$10 range should have an impact not much greater than “trait out an Epic and maybe Legendary troop”. That’s a decent, immediate, permanent boost in power. I have a list of 20 troops I’d love to trait out this way, and it’s probably going to take me as much time to decide to farm it all out as it will for me to pay $5/month to do it. I’ll take a square deal on time, and we also know at the rate we’re going if it takes me 20 months there’ll be a ton of new troops, so it’s not like I’m “getting ahead” too far.

That’s the scary thing to the devs: they don’t want me buying a whole collection for cheap. I’ll burn out and quit if that happens. I agree. I think the current cost of buying all the traitstones you need is ridiculous. A more reasonable cost would be $200-$300. And they should NEVER make it that cheap. It’s P2W, and bad for retention. So let’s get that out of our system.

I think the Mini VIP pack is kind of cool, it stinks that it’s limit 3 IMO. The Arcane Traitstone pack with a ton of 6x traitstones is probably “acceptable”. I wish, instead of $35 for 36, it was $6 for 6.

That’s kind of what I want, over and over again. “Hey, instead of a really expensive smorgasbord, can I get a tenth of that for 10%?” I don’t need to buy 500 traitstones at a time. Usually I’ve got some troop that’s just like, 6 away. “Would you pay $5 instead of farming for a day?” Sure. On the right day I would.

It’s not that I’m not having fun with GoW, it’s just that once I finish with my 3 allotted “Mini VIP packs” the remaining $5/$10 increments aren’t exciting.

One thing I didn’t think about someone mentioned today: if you’re playing PC/Mobile, you can sort of “finance” the expensive packs. Just take the money you would spend on a cheap pack and put it in your Steam Wallet instead. Then when you’ve got enough, buy it there.

They hinted in the last broadcast of changes coming to the store, a rework of sorts. No details on when or what, but there’s hope. I don’t know if anyone mentioned this, I only read part of the previous statements.

I found the VIP key pack to be the most interesting to me, maybe I was just going for the boosted VIP points per 5 dollars though. Paying to win or not, that’s what I wanted to spend my money on. Remove the boosted VIP points and I probably wouldn’t of bought on all 3 of my accounts. More deals like this would interest me. That’s $45, not too shabby. You want more or should I give it to someone else, it’s really up to you?

My 2 cents discounted at 80%