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You would make a LOT more money in the shop IF

Strangely, a deal for arcanes doesn’t appeal to me in the slightest and I bought several things in the game with real money by now (almost VIP 6). Farming arcanes means doing explore and that’s what I love in the game the most and can do for hours upon hours. I’m doing okay on Arcanes and don’t need help there.

No, the stuff that appeals to me the most besides the one-time-things (Growth pack, the avatars, Deathknight armor) are actually the troops. Having a way to get a specific troop (sometimes even several copies of it) is great. The problem is that there’s a million extras in the bundles which make them so much more expensive. I don’t wanna purchase 50 event keys, dangit, I wanna just buy the legendary troop! Lemme have that and charge me less than 50 bucks and keep your keys and all the other stuff in the bundle. If I wanna buy event keys, I can buy pure gems (and get extra from VIP level) and then buy the keys in the chest menu.

So yeah, I would pay for cheaper troop bundles containing only the troops without the added stuff.

…Not that I should say anything, given how I did fall for it and bought troop bundles with money this week despite hating paying for all the extras in them. Whelp.