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'You soloed that like a BOSS!'

Then who are all those guys?? Behind my head?


I think he’s just claiming bragging rights over who he beat. :wink:

From what I’ve seen, what usually shows there is the flavour text of the troop that dealt the last blow. Only if it happens to be the hero who did it, then the text above is shown instead.

I’m not fully sure of that. I’ve had Valkyrie show up in my win quote and she definitely didn’t finish anyone off. Maybe who was used the most?

Maybe. I’m not sure exactly how it works. That was just the impression I got, without too much testing. I just assumed that skulls from cascades are also counted (for the spell that caused the cascade), which is why for me it’s almost always Sheggra’s text.

I’ve had Alchemist. So I’m pretty sure that isn’t it either. Plus, on the team in question, it almost always is the hero doing the finishing blow, and that’s the only time I’ve seen him show up.

I’ve had this quote come up several times too for me it only shows up randomly after a clean sweep…
@Shimrra did any of your troops fall this particular match?

That can’t be either. I’ve seen this quote either with all troops unharmed, or with half of them killed, so it shouldn’t matter.

All I do know is it has to be the hero’s equivalent of flavour text, because I only see it when the hero is in the team. What’s the logic of which troop’s text shows up, I don’t know. Maybe it’s just random.

It has to be random.

The one that cracks me up the most is Druid’s: “HE let the dogs out.” Makes me snicker every time I see it.


I fight 9 out of 10 battles with the hero so that is quite possible

At first I assumed it showed your team’s MVP for that match, but now I think it’s just random.


I can imagine jacksepticeye saying this like a boss.

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RNGezus quote

I assumed this line referred to Hugo Boss…

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@Shimrra, I’m glad you started this thread, I just found an odd one myself…


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That is a reference of pinocchio and it has to be the alchemist saying it to the dryad. What if the splash text is the troops interactions with each other about what they would actually say.


That would make at lot of sense killer

Once again, this is just Rowanne’s flavour text. Nothing to do with alchemist, or interactions, or winning the match.


Oh so it was just flavour text. Dang and i thought i was onto something amazing. Well that was a wild goose chase of what could have been a sweet feature.