Yes, I need arcane stones... But why?

Ohhhh arcane stones, such a love hate relationship.

On one hand unlocking the mightiest traits on the strongest of troops to deliver the most epicness of epic one-two punches to opposing team creating untold synergy and balance to a team hellbent on bringing chaos and destruction to all the kingdoms of the world…(said foaming at the mouth) is quite satisfying.

On the other hand… Grind for one hour… No arcane stone, two hours later… No arcane stone, take a break from grinding challenges to play a little PVP and another hour later… One arcane stone… But sooooooo not the one I was looking for. Three hours later… Finally I get the arcane stone I’ve been seeking so and then… I realize, it’s only one of sixteen needed…

There is a light at the end of this tunnel though, every week for between three and five hundred glory, you can buy one or two.

What arcane stones are you most waiting for and why?

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I personally am looking for red/yellow and blue/purple

Red/yellow for unlocking moloch third trait, I need 13 more. The team is:

Red/Red banner
Jarl (3 traits)
Goblin Rocket (3 traits)
Goblin Rocket (3 traits)
Moloch (3 traits (when I get my stones))

Jarl creates so many 4/5+ of a kinds and with the 3 fire link traits and the banner bonus he compleatly fills with a single 5 of a kind red mana surge or 2 non surged 3 gem red matches, and it is currently a dream of mine to one day see a goblin team with either 0 magic or attack for every player

The blue/purple arcane stone I need is to unlock the necromancers class’ third trait on my crescendo team which is:

Green/Purple banner
Alclmest (2 traits)
Green Seer (0 traits)
Hero (Crescendo)(necromancer)(3 traits)
Giant Spider (2 traits)

This team is very effective, wins quick and often. Getting 3 souls for every 4+ of a kind made in the process of glory grinding in PVP or traitstone grinding in challenges would be a very welcome event indeed

I got mine this week :slight_smile: Gorg and Maw, happy days…not sure what is next.

I would guess that a Yellow/Purple troop is coming down the pipeline soon. We have two legendaries of that color combination, not to mention Herdmaster.

I would have liked a Purple/Brown event, but we just had Bunni’Nog – I guess my Bone Dragon and Keeper of Souls will just have to wait another eternity before they get traited out.

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I really love this week colors, spent 3000 glory on it so far, and I’ll probably buy 2-3 more.

How long were you saving Glory? I couldn’t justify the 300:1 even though I really need them. I’m at 3k glory and it still doesn’t make sense to me since 10 only gets me about 25% of the way to what I need.

Can’t speak for Hairy, but i traited both too this week and started the week with about 3k glory, and went to town on treasure maps to make the glory for the rest. I am pretty burnt out on the treasure map mini game now, so i won’t touch that for a while…


Yeah treasure maps are the way to go for quick glory. Hope we get a weapon this week so I won’t need to buy so many and can restock glory.

You and me both cause i have only 800 glory atm and want to stock up a little more.

Arcane Lava. I need 10 more for Sheggra (if I bother) and 16 more for Jarl.

Plus, well, I need every arcane stone that exists in some quantity or another.


I’m sitting on 4,260 glory, but the Red/Yellow and Blue/Purple stones are gonna make a dent so I’m stockpiling, just buying 1 reward weekly until they hit… Even then I may shell out for an event chest to try and cover a troop without expending glory
My goal it to have 5k glory by the end of the day taking advantage of this weeks double event

@bluebehir save up for Jarl first, his abilities are superior to Shaggys in almost every respect IMO, I have Jarl maxed and truly believe you will thank me later

Yeah I know. I just owned Sheggra before Jarl, and I wrote it in that order. I use Sheggra, and I’m still not keen on buying those traits.

Shaggys traits are irrelevant now that you can reach power level 5 cause of the 9th troop

To reach power level 5 for a kingdom you need 8 troops at level 20 fully traited and with a 9th troop they give you a lot of wiggle room, for every trait on the troop you unlock u can skip one one another

Kingdom power works like

50 Points for each troop you possess
25 points for each trait unlocked on each troop
10 points for each level of each troop you have

Using 8 troops you need
(25x3)=75 (75x8)=600
(10x20)=200 (200x8)=800
So having 8 maxed troop is 2,200 points which will give you power level 5 having a 9th troop lets you cut a lot of corners so I wouldn’t worry about shaggys traits (other then Huge) if you already have gobchomper

2600 points

How do you increase your kingdom power?

Power is increased through kingdom experience points. Three components are used to give said xp: units, unit levels and traits.

Each kingdom supposedly consists in 8 units.

Each unit you own grants you 50 point, up to 400 xp points total.

Each unit level grants you 10 points, and each unit can be levelled up to 20 (Mythic), up to 1600 xp points total.

Each unlocked trait on a kingdom unit grants you 25 points, up to 600 xp points total.

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I wasn’t really saving but I make 3-5k of glory a week and at the time I actually had around 5900 so had to earn about another 3k during the week but also got a lucky arcane drop off pvp that saved me 300. Have them both now fully traited and glory is already back over 2k.

I guess Lava to would be my next target for Jarl, but as my Jarl deck mostly holds onto control it seems kind of a trait that never will get much use as hopefully the enemy gets very few turns to actually “burn”.

Sorry, bad head math on my part I even see where the error is I wrote 800x2 but did the math as 800x1
Thanks for the heads up


I can vouch for Jarl’s third ability, using him with 3 fire link troops (I use 3 Goblin Rockets) once you start the combo everyone not immune gets burned, I leave enemies with 3 life alone and target other troops and if the combo drop (like when RNGesus is in a bad mood) then burn nets you the win.

In fairness to your point of view tho, the games I win via burn I would also win on my next turn with a Jarl or Rocket cast (assuming I haven’t invoked the wrath of youknowwho)