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YASMINE CHALICE give only 5 life oO

Always play on my deck with yasmine CHALICE and Always help me with yours 16 life and 16 armor PLUS extra turn, played about more than 3 months with the same deck, now when i entered in the game saw yasmine give only 8 life and armor, whats going on? What happened? Very disapointed

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It has been nerfed today
=> Spring has Sprung


Actually I read only nerf here, nerf there… where are the buffs?
Just a bad Joke… The Game is already lame enough!

Well, that was actually to be expected, weapons were not balanced with 1.0.9
Dust Devil was unrealistically strong having AoE, utility, empowered trait and low mana cost
Sheggra was, for no reason, the only gem spawner that still scaled
And Celestasia could win defense game on her own