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+xp pet (Lucky) useless

Ok so this pet gives 1% xp bonus at level 1 and up to 5% when max. Sounds great right? Well no. Our guild just got him and at level 1 it adds actually 0 to your xp. That’s right, it gets rounded down and you get nothing.

One of my guildmates decided to go all in and spent 1000’s of gems to get him to max level. It changed his xp per match from 144 to…wait for it…146. An increase of 2xp. And that’s at MAX level.

Devs please, 5% is pointless. It needs to be AT LEAST 5% for level 1 up to 25% when maxed. I’m assuming the gold and souls pets add a similar tiny pittance?


If i understand correctly, ALL your pets bonus will stack. Hence why it’s so low.
Once you have 30 pets, the % will add up

The bonuses of different pets stack. Extra copies of one pet just are for getting it to mythic. It’s not like having 30x Lucky means 30x 5% bonus. You only get that bonus one time unless a second, different pet doing the same (giving exp bonus) gets introduced, then those two would stack.

All pet bonus are useless…


Mine Adana Pet seems nice. I Had a DT from Adana this morning, my +14 Armor helped the team.

A 4-adana bonus is +6 Armor. So you get maximum +12 Armor with a Pet level 20.

Comparing to the price to level up a Pet to level 20, I’m not sure this +12 Armor is so great…

Isn’t it x3 at max level? Making it +18 total? That’s not useless.

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Well yeah, but the pet only gives you 12. You’d get the other 6 either way.

Basically, there’s 3 tiers of bonus:

  • The not-quite-significant basic team bonuses, which are nice and free, but not particularly gamechanging
  • The doubled bonus from finding the correct pet, which is great since it’s not a very difficult task (If you find 1 pet a day on average, you’ll have most of them by a month, and maybe all but one in three months)
  • The tripled bonus from maxing a pet, which is mostly not worth anything except for the resource-farming pets or teams you use often, like goblins or dwarves, since levelling pets is expensive compared to, well, finding them or getting free bonuses.

The x3 kingdom/race buffs are small but far from useless. Heaven help us when there’s a pet for Zaejin and also for goblins. An extra +8 attack, +10 life, +10 armor on top of current bonuses.