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Xbox - The Unforgiven - #1 Guild rank

The number 1 guild on Xbox… come have a chat with us and see where you might fit in… we also have allies on Switch

Are you up for a challenge? do you want leaderboard placement in every event? do you want to meet some hardcore Gems players who know how to build unbeatable teams? Do you want a guild that has 30 active players and no slackers? Do you want your effort to count?

Come visit us on discord, we’re a friendly and active bunch with a very social discord, drama free.

We also have spaces for players who are still learning and those who just want a chill!


Are your still recruiting members? If so, do you have 2 spots for your main guild. We are top players


EDIT: Appreciate the deleted post — my response to it no longer needs to be here :+1:

@FDs_Kaiser there are currently spots in all of our guilds except (I think) for U2 — feel free to join our discord to check us out, or PM me here for further details :smiley:

Discord link: https://discord.gg/Vtxt5EJ

@Dinosuitgirl lives across the world from me, so if I’m asleep she might be able to help :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Magnusimus replied earlier… but pop along to our discord where all our guilds hang out and we can sort something out for you <3
we’d love to make space for you and give you guild that deserves you and that you deserve :muscle:

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