"X shapes" for Dragonian Rogue and Monk

Well, seeing spells of Dragonian Rogue and Dragonian Monk at first time, one can think they work similar. But really they are not: while “X shape” for the Rogue is always fixed (top-left - right-bottom line and top-right - left-bottom line on the board, 16 gems totally), “X shape” for Monk varies (2 diagonals from a selected gem on the board, may affect from 8 to 14 gems). Don’t you think it’s somewhat inconsistent?

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I would eagerly argue for selecting where the X goes.

I think both behaviors are valid, but the text does not make it clear that one involves selection and one does not.

I think the behavior of Rogue is fine as-is, but Monk should change to read:

Select a gem. Destroy gems in an X shape centered on that gem. […]

That way it’s clear that the two don’t do the same thing.

It seems there’s been success at getting the devs to try updating the text if these kinds of threads are reported under the “Support” or “Bug Report” categories, I’m tempted to edit the category.


Okay, I put it to “Bug Reports”.

Our QA team has confirmed this issue. We’ll look into it (not specific timeframe of fix at this stage) and I’ll nclude it on the next Known Issues list for 3.4. Thanks for the update.

@Nullings for future bug reports please follow the format :slight_smile: (this format will pop-up if you go to create a new post)

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