Wrong translation from english to german description on Jotnar Sturmschild

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What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened
Actually the english description reads: “Deal 22 true damage to an enemy, boosted by allies with Barrier and Giant allies.”
And the german description reads: “Füge einem Feind 22 wahren Schaden zu, verstärkt durch die Feinde mit Barriere und die Riesen unter ihnen.”
Correct is the english description, cause your own giants counts towards the damage…
Please change the translation of Jotnar as followed: “Füge einem Feind 22 wahren Schaden zu, verstärkt durch die eigenen Einheiten mit Barriere und die Riesen unter ihnen.”

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
It´s a description, so it´s permanent.

Steps to make it happen again
Just compare the english description with the german one.

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Google translate is a bit average. Can you clarify what the german translation means in comparison to English? GT says: ““Do true damage to an enemy, increased by your own barrier units and the giants among them.”” (your changed German version)

The actual german description means translated into english: “Deals 22 true damate to an enemy, bosted by enemies with Barrier and Giants among them.”
The card actually reads as if your own giants are useless and only the enemies giants would count for the damage. For real, it´s just the other way round.
Hope, I could clarify, what the trouble is.

it exists a lot of german translation bugs or odd syntax (is this the right word?) in gow. i see this jotnar thing last week and wonder, why they change the text from right to wrong… because i’m sure it was right before

I once made a thread with the worst errors from the back then up-to-date weapon list, menus and hero stuff.
It didn’t get any recognition or anything fixed. I also multiple times offered my help as a translator (who has worked on games before) for free. Nothing. Don’t even try, guys. German translation will remain horrible.

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A bad translation is nothing I would matter about. But this is just wrong, completely wrong.

For example, the description of Prince Ethoras is boosted by enemy feys. This reads both the german and the english description.
Because of that I was not surprised to see other cards that were boosted be enemy troops. The problem is, that Jotnar IS NOT boosted by ENEMY troops, but with your own, which makes him very much more valuable in my opinion.

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