Wrong score in Guild Wars

Platform: Android


7,226 Pt…
This is the result of a 5/0 with color of the day and unduplicated defenses.

  • I post for a player of my guild but we were together when it happened

We noticed a strange thing, but no screenshot was taken, in the last game XP was awarded for the Doomsayer class, while another was in use.

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This looks like an old bug showing up again. Several years ago, the server was somehow occasionally calculating the Guild Wars battle result based on a team you had been using earlier, e.g. in Explore mode, most prominently visible by incorrect class xp getting awarded. The fix was never officially talked about, possibly to avoid compensating for the whole mess, the issue just eventually stopped showing up.

Do you recall using a Doomsayer team recently, possibly one containing (next to) no red troops?


I confirm your theory, probably previously a Doomsayer team with only one red troop was used

And here we have one of the old bug reports. Looks like update 7.1 revived other issues besides the Soulforge bug.


phase 1 - They could compensate us
phase 2 - Someone will be calmed down, the gw week comes to end and everything goes normal…
phase 3 - once in a time, the bug appears again…
phase 4 - Step back at phase 1

Looks like a new level of World Event battle system!

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This week we start very well, more points lost for my guild.
This player was awarded 6158 effective points.

Another bug reported several times, but it is very annoying that anyone does anything about it

The bugged scoring is the main reason I never play GW, it’s never been right since it was put in the game, me and a guild mate tested it a few times. Or the scoring is correct and it’s some super secret algorithm they won’t disclose.