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World Event (Raising Nefertani): Announcement? Scoring?

Apparently, I’ve gone blind. I can find no announcement for the latest World Event (Raising Nefertani) on the PC or an explanation of its scoring. I’m assuming the scoring is strictly by rarity (i.e., cyan, gold, purple, blue, green, white) and nothing else matters. Is this correct? And, of course, I’d appreciate a pointer to the actual news story.

Please note that the scoring for Pharos-Ra battles stated is incorrect.

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Thanks for that pointer.

You can find the following rewards for each of the different battles you may encounter.

Mummified King: 4 Sarcophagi
Anubite Warrior: 4 Sarcophagi
Tutankhatmun: 6 Sarcophagi
Shaman of Set: 6 Sarcophagi
Ankhnum: 4 Seals of Power
Pharos-Ra: 8 Seals of Power

Each Sarcophagi is worth 5 points, and each Seal of Power is worth 15 points. Also as the battles get harder, they will increase the amount of Sarcophagi and Seals of Power given by 25%.

I can find threads talking about the scoring being wrong. But, I can’t find anything about what the scoring actually IS.

You can filter the forum posts for by “Official News” and find it by the event name, which is in the “News” portion in game, in this case “Pharaoh’s Tomb”

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From the same official thread, post 20:

There is no CORRECT official post for the scoring at present.

Currently, what Salty has in her post is mostly correct, the only difference is the Pharos-Ra battles gives 8 Sarcophagi instead of the the stated 8 Seals of Power, so 1/3rd of the points that are listed.

Tbh, I don’t think it matters much what the scoring is for this one. It’s a pretty simple event, battles don’t go away and we all get the same order of battles. All you need to know is what gives the fewest points. As long as you leave the same battle unplayed (either Mummified King or Anubite Warrior), before soon you’ll get to the point where you have only one battle that you can do other than the one you’re avoiding and then you no longer have to “choose”.

The only questions is, will the rewards of battle remain the same or will they change? I’m not playing on the off-chance that they will be changed. But it’s probably too late at this point and there are no changes coming. I’m waiting for the official word.