Woe is Me (Weekly Event Post)

Fixed it for you


Fixed the fix for you


Sounds like a conspiracy! :dizzy_face:

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An interesting aspect of this event is that when looking for the next battle, the order of battles is: mythic if available, legendary if available, else take the lowest enemy team level, because the enemy level doesn’t affect the points, and always taking the highest level will unnecessarily inflate the difficulty of the event (you’d always be playing against the hardest team until it maxes out).

I haven’t lost a battle yet, nor lost a raven, but this is one of the more difficult events because skull damage is harder to manage than spell damage. Spell damage is much easier to one-shot the enemy with, whereas even with three medals and enrage, I require 1-2 skull hits per enemy – that’s 4-8 skull matches to kill the enemy team.


Webspinner in first slot is working well for me.


Webspinner, Glacyon, Wrath, and Doomed Glaive. Hunter’s Mark for the Overkill. :blush:


I am using marilith instead of hero for mana generation but that’s my team too.

Sometimes orcs do good.


TPK ftw.

Btw, I know a lot of people seem to think that those on the forums complain about everything for the sake of it, and as such dismiss a lot of these complaints out of hand – but sometimes those complaints are shared by other people in-game, who’ve probably never even visited here:


I get rarity, but I still don’t understand how or why level doesn’t always help your score.
Choosing & winning a more difficult battle within the same rarity should always give an advantage yes?


It’s a distinction like Raid and Invasion. One (Raid) allowed individual players to do the work of many others by pushing further into the event. The other (Invasion) allowed even low-level players to contribute since a few low-level battles can be worth just as much as a few high-level battles. I’m torn.


Imo it should ALWAYS be:

Highest Rarity > Highest Level.

Sure, go ahead and change up all the other variables that we’ve seen thus far but the above should be the default so at least players know what to do without having to visit the forums every week.


This is a very good point. The goalposts for world events change every week without any useful information IN GAME.
This week is a perfect example. Although our 2 guilds share a very active discord server and we post the event instructions with explanations, there are still many players who visit discord rarely (and game chat disappears) They were asking why they’ve not been offered mythic fights.
Scoring shouldn’t be so confusing that weekly forum tracking is required to understand how to play a mobile game.