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Winter of our Dreams

This is cool though. Lol

(And probably not intended. :man_shrugging:)

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Lol!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Side-note – thank you Salty for making the top post easily viewable without needing to click, “Show Full Post…”!!


This is a con! For a game so dependent on RNG, this is absolutely outrageous (/mock-rage :slight_smile:)
But really, it is an interesting find if true.

The battles are randomly chosen, but they all have an equal chance of appearing on the map.

If by randomly, you mean randomly chosen at HQ during development and PRESET into a fixed sequence, then sure.

What the image shows is that at 54 battles, the map has reached a state for EVERYONE where there are only 10pt battles on offer. Not much randomness there. At the bottom there is a 56/960 because this person has chosen to take more 10pt battles while leaving some higher scores on the board. But from 55, 56, 57, 58, the only points on offer are very evidently 10pt battles.

This to me clearly shows pre-sequenced battles for each spawn group leading up to this point. I’ve always been intrigued by the lack of diversity in scores vs battles, but looking at it more closely today was eye-opening. I’m sure I’ve seen the same across all previous world events (I stand to be corrected). It’s easy enough to verify this - everyone can compare notes with each other, or compare videos, or sit next to your SO and start the event together.

I may be naive and this is common knowledge to everyone, but I certainly didn’t expect it!


I am so okay with the battles being the same for everyone. It would be infuriating to miss out on an orb of power because someone else was offered a different battle than you got. You did the best you possibly could, but someone got one mythic battle instead of the other so you only get 2 major orbs instead.


There’s a conflict in there somewhere.
Randomness is still guaranteed by valravens, these are personalised AFAIK, so randomness still happens. Worst luck and best luck result in a difference of many games, esp with T7x10 and 256 starting sigils (10’s of battles).

The con here are is the phrases “randomly chosen” and “equal chance of appearing”.

Apparently, the “equal chance” is quite literal.
World Event 2020-7-20: troops (4,6,6,8,8,12) - average score 7.33pts (verified against Taranworld leaderboard history)
World Event 2020-8-10: troops (10,10,20,30) - coalescing around 17.5pts average

In there, we made a topic bulletin board about Gems of War.
Here’s the url: https://www.clien.net/service/board/cm_gemwar/
(the content is written in Korean, which is obvious)
We translate patch notes or important notices in this forum into Korean and post them on our board.

And as I mentioned before, we have a Telegram bot which provides troop/weapon/class info in our language!

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But calling it random and say LT random… Means when are both actually random? Or both actually predetermined?

For instance we assume that every mythic troop is in the pool for Mythic LT.
But what if only 5-10 are available during a week or month or patch?

And of that small pool a “random” mythic is chosen?

Seems disingenuous but entirely possible considering my personal experience of collecting 54 Mythic LT. And at least 7 of the LT being exactly the same troop.

“RNG repeats” are not impossible, but they are highly more likely depending on the pool size… And of course, weight of each item in the pool.
Do we honestly think…

… That this statement can be true? Considering 50% give 10 points. 25% give 20 points. And 25% give 30 points. But yet so many scores are exactly the same based on tiers.

Or the “without fluff” version.

And therefore the lowest tiers bought possible in the Invasion.

I am guessing the new siegebreaker isn’t in the event chests?

Seems odd to give people 1 2 or 3 of a thing; then multiply it by 10 for the scoring. I guess it guarantees a zero at the end. But otherwise, very peculiar method of scoring.


Well the framework for World Event scoring is set up to allow different “currencies”.
In the event a couple of weeks back, we had two currencies

  • Arcane Energy (pts = 1)
  • Defense Crystal (pts = 10)

So the event always gives “things”, which accumulates “points”.
For events with simpler scoring (single currency) taken alone, it’s less obvious why there are two metrics - “things” and “points”. But it uses the same framework.
I guess the “thing” is there to support a narrative, such as the troops having “characters”, otherwise we’d be playing a game with “Troop #1” through “Troop #800”, nameless and faceless.

I don’t like the random purchase chance associated with the siegebreaker. Such niche troops have always been a specific price within the shop framework (raid/invasion) until now. Of course, there has never been an invasion event associated with glacial peaks but if one is to appear then the new guy will probably appear along with it. That’s a good enough reason for me not to play event shop roulette. 30 gems; no more.

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If they are indeed preset, most of us should see this at 560 points:



My first 5 battles were towers. Then I realized I might have some campaign mission for a troop in the event so I stopped.

Valravens are not random, at all. Why do you think the furthest you can ever get, without spending gems, in class events, is reward 4, plus two more battles into Reward 5? It’s always the same.

For tower events (the old ones anyway), buying 20 sigils would get you 40 additional towers every time, provided you never fail to kill a valraven. You get a valraven every 4 battles, approximately.

Preface: this doesn’t affect players, obviously, but Cernunnos was assigned the troop role of Striker. That means when you come across him in Glacial Peaks, he’s at the back. When the developers are creating troops, do they actually stop and think about things, or do they just slap together traits and roles at random and call it a day?

Cernunnos has Chill Touch: inflict frozen when doing skull damage.
Cernunnos has Mage Hunter: Become Enraged when an Enemy casts a spell.

So when I come across Cernunnos in Explore, two of his traits are worthless. He’s in the back of the team, he’s never going to do skull damage until the first three enemies are dead. Why not give him the Warrior role instead, so he appears further up in the team?

All the numbers you’ve given do not correlate to data I’ve collected from my previous guilds.

Some events are gamed - I’ll give you that. Class Trial T3 almost always (selective memory?) ends up 1 short of Round 8. But Class Trial without buys ends up anywhere from

  • Round 4 unfinished
  • Round 4 exactly
  • 2 done from Round 5
    And that variation is only from 8 starting sigils - a difference of 4 battles

And Iooking through my factions, where I almost always buy the same weapon tier - they end up at different levels, even though the starting sigils are all the same.

Even more evidence, some guilds run Tower of Doom friendly competitions for most dooms. There are always differences in where people ended up, even though 30 members are grouped into the same number of buys, and only one person maps the tower.

If you need more evidence, just look through past event leaderboards, e.g. Class: Archmagus 2020-08-06

  • Firstly I assume anyone reaching the leaderboard at top 30 do not lose games easily.
  • Secondly, the number of sigils at Tier 7 are pretty significant 20-sigil blocks. Yet you will see people ending with Champ Kills of 80, 78, 76, 75, 72, 72, 71, 69, 64. Tier 5 averages 63 and Tier 6 averages 81, and these are all in between.

Finally, for this event itself, go check your Guild board and where everyone ends up after using today’s sigils, at whatever tier. Not all the Tier 4’s will have the same points, even when they follow the “highest rarity, lowest level” rule.

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It’s not always the same. I’ve gotten to reward 4 (2 fights to complete the stage), exactly to the end of reward 4, and reward 5 + 2.

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Valravens are random. But there’s a cap on finding too many or too few.

Again… we have to start to analyze what “random” actually means if there’s mechanics designed to ensure a certain outcome.

Semi-random may need become an actual word.


You have most assuredly not gotten to Reward 5 without spending gems. It can’t happen. Again, valravens are not random. They are very much calculated. Do you really think the devs would handle out random free sigils to people? “Here you go, 2 free sigils, oh here you go, two more, but just for you – that other guy gets none.” Why do you think so many people end up with the exact same score in events?

Here’s a fact for you: I tracked every single valraven I got, what floor it was on, for an entire new delve, all the way to level 500. I cleared every single room, killed every valraven. Then I did it again for the next delve. Guess what? Every single valraven appeared on the exact same floor, all the way to 500. The rooms might have been different, but the floor was the same. Like clockwork, somewhere on the same floor as the last delve, a valraven was found.

Every single event is calculated precisely so that you can’t clear certain content without buying gems. They would be foolish not to do that. And they do that by controlling how often you get free sigils based on when your last free sigils came. That just makes sense. There’s no conspiracy behind it. Now if you miss a raven, yes, you’re out of luck and things get whacky from there.

That’s a fair assessment, because as far as delves go, what room the raven is in is definitely random. What floor it’s on is not random.