Window of Spirits - Extended Campaign Story

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With Vulpacea’s debut being just one week instead of the usual three, I was a bit disappointed with how the story was quite disconnected from the larger campaign context. So I fixed that and made the whole Raven conflict crucial to the new kingdom. And with a spiritual theme going on, I used it as an opportunity to go back and write reading for all Major Arcana Tarots in the game!

Hope you guys have fun reading them as much as I do when I write about the new kingdom and its spiritual story. Please Enjoy!

Chapter 1

It took us a while to arrive at Maugrim Woods, but we finally made contact with Scarlet in the meeting place of the Crimson Order. She apologized for not giving us more information in the message, as the majority of carrier ravens in her order were acting strange lately, so she had to send it in a rush with an unaffected one before it was too late.

You draw: The Moon

The fear of darkness had overwhelmed your mind, and the dim light of the moon might lead you astray. Trust in your inner light, and let your spirit lead the way.

Scarlet said the trouble started when her personal raven went missing a few days after the mist incident. She went looking for it everywhere and later found it attacking a lost Wargare she had never seen before. She rescued the fox folk, and bring him to the order, but he later escaped that night. She didn’t learn much from him besides his obsession with the spirit, and Inari was his name.

Scarlet believed Inari might have something to do with the behavior change of her raven, so she needed our help in tracking him down. He shouldn’t be too far away yet.

The dark wood here was always trickier to navigate compared to the ones in the east, but we managed to follow Inari’s tracks to the heart of the wood to find him there. He was fearful and suspicious of our presence at first, but Amira was able to convince him to trust us.

He said he was not from around here, and had gone on a long trip from home to try to reach Suncrest in time. The spirit world has contacted him that the Setuari in Fang Moor had resurrected Rath-Amon, the Falcon Moon God, who was now commanding a flock of Stormcrows to attack the Sun Kingdom. He wanted to go there and stop it himself, but because of his lack of experience in traveling far away from home, he had become lost and ended up in Maugrim Woods instead.

Asking him about the unusual behavior of Scarlett’s raven, Inari guessed it might be because of Rath-Amon’s influence as well, and helping him defend Suncrest from the avian war could help solve the issue.

Assisting Inari would help out both Scarlet and the local Stryx there as well, so we agreed to accompany him far south. Looked like our new adventure was about to begin again.

Chapter 2

We escorted Inari all the way to Suncrest. It was all quiet here, with no sign of any attacks. We worried the warning that he got with the spirit world might be a mistake, but he assured us that the spirits were always right, and this was just a calm before the storm.

You draw: The Sun

No matter how dark the night is, the sun will always shine in the morning. Be positive about the outcome of your future, as success and happiness will be yours soon.

We should have trusted him more, as he went through a lot to get here. In no time at all, a flock of Stormcrows and other evil birds started to swarm the sky. We rushed to notify our Stryx allies and supply them with weapons to protect their home from this chaos. Among the evil flock, there were some Vrawk Daemons, who was likely still furious about their ordeal with us and the kobolds. Behind them were the Undead Metztlis, who were up to no good again. And all the way to the back was Rath-Amon, who was commanding the entire army.

Rath-Amon declared that his objective was to break the Phoenix Stone, summon Zilopochtli, and bring back the eternal moonlit night to gain more souls, increasing his power. We were not going to let him get his way, so we must protect the stone and stop his plan.

It was a grueling fight, but we managed to push back against the falcon moon god, who accepted defeat and went back to his kingdom. We hoped the trouble was over now, but Inari was still in extreme distress, worrying there is still more disaster to come.

Just then, another gathering of evil birds started to flood the sky. We didn’t see their leader this time, as they seemed to act on their own, flying in random directions. Inari predicted that Rath-Amon might not be the cause of this new attack, but something far more sinister influencing all the birds. This must be what the spirits were trying to warn him about, he said.

Suddenly, a legion of Valravens from The Vault swooped down at Inari and carried him up in the sky. We tried to stop the birds, but there were too many of them around for us to do anything, but looked in horror as they brought him somewhere in the northeast.

In the sky, there was a huge flock of Dead Parrots looking for their bounty now as well, so air travel was not possible anymore. How were we supposed to follow Inari? Amira suggested we should visit an oracle in the nearby Divinion Fields first, so we can get some divinations from the stars about who was controlling the birds, and where they were heading with Inari.

We agreed with her plan and counted on learning something useful there. We hoped we will able to rescue Inari in time.

Chapter 3

It was now nighttime in Divinion Fields, yet the birds didn’t show any sign of stopping their congregation. Even though it was a cloudless night, the sky was blackened with their wings, with no stars in sight. Would we still be able to get an augury from them? We headed to Auspecia’s Observatory regardless.

You draw: The Fool

You were taken on an unexpected journey, with many twists and turns to watch out for. Choose your path wisely, don’t be reckless, or you will end up at a dead end you wish you hadn’t taken.

The place was under attack by not just the birds, but a gang of goblins too. We foolishly tried to reason with them to leave, but they unsurprisingly refused, saying that their High King ordered them to catch as many birds as possible for a royal feast, so they crossed Pridelands’ strait and climbed the tower to lure the birds to them. it seems that it would require the use of force to repel them.

It was done, but unfortunately, the place now looked like a wrecked arena, with some parts of the Orrery broken and in pieces. Auspecia said it would take a while to fix it, so we had to find another way to read our fortune. She recommended visiting her associate, Chiron the Oracle, who lived nearby, as his tarot knowledge might be worthwhile.

We went to see Chiron in his tent. He said he was expecting our visit because he just did his own augury from watching the birds. When asked what was causing the avian trouble, he vaguely revealed that there was some unrest in the spirit world, and finding the source of the disturbance would be the only way to stop the chaos. When we asked him if he knew where Inari was taken, he instead told us to pick a card from his tarot spread. We were confused but reluctantly complied with his request.

You draw: The Star

Hope is not lost in the dark night, as the star will lead you the way. Accept enlightenment from the spiritual source, and let your worries wash away like flowing water.

Chiron interpreted the meaning of our chosen card, telling us that Inari’s hometown was the north star that would lead us to our solution. He instructed us to go up north near Stormheim and search for the wood that was always covered in a thick mist. Guidance was needed to go through it, but we would find someone willing to help along the way.

He wished us well on our long trip, and gave us one of his tarot decks, so we could use it to get more spiritual advice in the future. And with the plan in mind, we headed north toward the unknown new kingdom.

Chapter 4

We arrived at the wood Chiron mentioned. It was engulfed by an unnatural mist that look more like a cloud of smoke. When we tried to go through, we were stopped by a Wargare. He introduced himself as Todd Greenwood and told us that he had been waiting for our arrival, wanting to be our guide on a journey through the wood to his kingdom, Vulpacea.

You draw: The Wheel of Fortune

A cycle of fate will keep spinning, bringing you unexpected changes. Luck is on your side, as what is lost will be found, and what is unknown will be revealed.

Todd said he was a royal soldier, with a close friendship with the princess, Harper. A major trouble was happening in Vulpacea, as the spirits had gone quiet, and no one here was able to contact them for advice and protection. Because of the old prophecy, Harper felt like it was her fault, and wanted to exile herself to solve the problem. Todd believed fate had brought us to him, so we could help him to convince the princess to stay.

We went along with his suggestion and walked to the grand wood shrine to meet Harper. She told us that when she turned sixteen a month ago, the magical mist that hide their kingdom suddenly faded away, then the spirits’ voices was starting to fade too. She always felt an evil presence approaching ever since, so she ordered the Fennec tribe to burn the herbs to create the smoke that might be able to protect the kingdom temporarily.

We had no idea that when we dispelled The Elder Dragon’s mist, it somehow also took away Vulpacea’s protection mist too. We still didn’t know how that related to the absence of the spirits and the bird problem we had, so we asked her to tell us the full prophecy, which she grudgingly provided.

When the child of the royal family came of age, the spirits would fall silent. Vulpacea would be revealed to the world once again, attracting an old enemy. To save the kingdom from chaos and destruction, the child must leave home, right the wrongs of the past, and break open the window of spirits.

Harper said her exile might prevent the disaster in the prophecy, but we convinced her to face the problem head-on. And with that, we went on a quest with her, stopped the giant attack with the Duelist’s help, learned a spell to summon a void portal from the Green Seer, and entered the spirit world through it.

In the void, we had to fight with a Deamon, Voidcaller, a Wargare who was corrupted by Lycanthropy in the past. After the defeat, we luckily found Inari being held captive and rescued him back to the living world. It was then that we learned Inari was Harper’s younger brother, a prince of Vulpacea who left the kingdom looking for answers.

After making sure Inari was alright, he explain to us that maybe the prophecy was not about his sister Harper, but about himself, so he had to be the one who left home. While being captured, he learned that Voidcaller was controlled by another powerful entity, who caused the spirits of Vulpacea to become so frightened that they fell silent to stay hidden.

To save his home, Inari had to travel the world, visiting other powerful Totemic sages who specialized in talking with animalistic spirits, to learn more about the entity that was responsible for the whole mess. But he wouldn’t be able to do it alone, so he asked us to accompany him once again, and to do so, we would need to learn to become a Spirit Talker like him. We agreed to his request.

Harper was willing to teach us the necessary knowledge to become one, but as we were not local fox folk, we would get the title of Spiritwalker instead. She prayed that the spirit of Vulpphire Hunter will keep us safe wherever we went in the world.

With everything prepared, we went on a long trip to meet the Gnolls, a distant relative of the Wargare far away in the Wild Plains.

Chapter 5

When we left the quiet wood of Vulpacea, we were perturbed by how loud the birds had become. While planning our best route to Wild Plains, we came across a caravan of wandering merchants. They sold us a few useful resources and offered to pay us as militiamen to accompany them to the southwest continent. We accepted and traveled with the caravan.

You draw: The Magician

A spiritual power will inspire you to work through your problem, you just have to apply them with resourcefulness. Your potential is like wild magic that will enchant you with a lot of opportunities, but without good control, it can also bring you more problems as well.

It took us many days, but we finally arrived in the Tauros’ Plains, searching for the Gnoll tribe. Inari said he heard about Spirittooth, an old crazy totemic sage living here, so she might be our best chance to find out what’s causing the current issue.

We met with Spirittooth at her altar under a natural arch. She was excited to see us, but got spitefully angry toward Inari, because of what the spirits told her about the wrongdoings of Vulpacea’s wargare. To convince her to help us and set aside her burning hatred, she asked us to defeat nearby monsters and daemons and bring their teeth and tusks as ingredients for her ritual.

Our errand lead us to have another clashing war with the goblin gangs, but we were able to solve the conflict quickly, even taking a few Genie’s Lamps from them to add to our vault collection. With all ingredients ready, we brought them to Spirittooth and asked her to call in the spirits to ask for their vision. In a short time, she acted as a medium and let the animalistic spirits communicate to us through her body.

You were the one who caused the raven’s death. You were the one who abandoned your kinfolks to suffer. Now the raven will return to get their reckoning. Fear the raven. Raven. RAVEN!!

We were horrified by her screaming, so we left her alone to not cause any more anger. We questioned Inari about what she meant, and he told he was not familiar with the death of the raven, but knew all too well about his ancestor’s abandonment of their own kind. It was always a source of shame for him since he learned about it.

To describe more of his history, he explained further that in the distant past, his fox folks, Maugrim Woods’ wargares, and the gnolls used to stay in one big community. When the aggressive gnolls caused too much conflict, his ancestors convinced the wargare to kick them out of the tribe and exiled them to the remote plains.

Not long after, when the daemon attacked the wargares, his ancestors tried to help as much as they could, but when things went bad, causing their tribe leader to be infected with Lycanthropy, they had to banish him to the void of the spirit world, turning him to be the Voidcaller. To prevent any more incidents, they took one of the guardian entities, Fenix, and moved away from Maugrim Woods to settle where Vulpacea was now. The wargares were left in a vulnerable state with only the Forest Guardian to protect themselves from more daemon attacks.

With Fenix’s blessing, Vulpacea was protected by a mist that hide them from any future dangers that will seek to destroy their home. The Fox God could also summon the spirit of Vulpphire Hunters to guide them in their new home, but Inari was not sure if the spirits were on his side anymore.

Knowing more about his history, we understood now why the Gnoll Sage was not happy to see him. Wanting to learn more about the raven she mentioned, Inari suggest we climbed Maraji’s Spine to reach Shentang and talked with the well-known Vermillion Bird there. We agreed that it would be best to ask about raven and other bird issues with the sage of their own kind.

Chapter 6

Even though we had climbed Maraji’s Spine countless times already, it was never getting any easier, especially on the jagged boulders on the cliffside toward Shentang. Of course, having loud birds flying around everywhere also didn’t help, and even the agile Inari was having some trouble navigating.

You draw: The Lover

There is nothing more beautiful than a lifelong union of the lover, who were able to balance their different elements to stay together. But fate was not always written in the star, so there are a lot of choices you have to make to get there. Accept who you are, accept each other’s past, and you will be able to overcome everything to have a future together.

We reached the east side of the mountain kingdom and saw a new outpost was built there. Surprisingly, the guardian of the place was Penglong, who told us that because of the recent bird issue and the problem in the spirit world, Emperor Liang was worried there might be an attack on his empire.

To prevent potential danger, Liang ordered the ancient five guardians to stay at their outposts to protect all citizens. They were Penglong, Azure Dragon of the East, Zhuque, Vermillion Bird of the South, Baihu, White Tiger of the West, the mysterious Black Tortoise of the North, and finally, Qilin, the Guardian Beast of the Center, who will protect the royal palace, the heart of the Shentang.

We told Penglong that we would like to meet with Zhuque, so he suggested that we went on the border to reach the outpost in the south, as it would be a shorter route without having to go inside the kingdom first. We followed his plan and traveled on the narrow ridge to our new destination.

We met with Zhuque at the southern outpost. The bird sage was busy, but willing to help to give us the crimson knowledge we need if we paid the right price. We thought some colorful feathers might be a fitting offering, so we went to look for them in the nearby area.

The eloquent Zhuque accepted our offering and would give us a glimpse of the past to learn more about the raven incident. We just needed to close our eyes to meditate and put our minds in a trance to let the vision manifest.

When the foxfolks left Maugrim Woods, they were lost and hungry with nowhere to go. When their god, Fenix, told them to settle in the northeast forest, they were ecstatic to have a new place to stay. But it would take weeks to reach their destination, so they would need to hunt for more energy to survive until then.

Starving on a cold mountain, they had to kill and eat some Frost Lizards, Jackelopes, and some random birds to stay alive. Troubles began when they ended up wounding Frostfeather and killing one of Skadi’s royal ravens. The Winter Fey were so furious that they declared war on the foxfolks.

The battles were devastating, with no winner in the end. The Fey still lost their beloved raven and had to bury him in the underworld, while the surviving foxfolks only managed to escape and hide in Vulpacea’s wood. The wargares tried their best to erase their conflict history with the Fey, and let it become a forgotten past, but not everyone agreed with the plan.

A Court of Foxes was established by a few foxfolks in secret, who tried to fix the past and improve the relationship with the Feys. It went surprisingly well, as they even learned the Fey magics like Mana Burn and Faeries Fire, and were considered the honorable Feys themselves. But when the Vulpacean learned about their action, they were condemned and exiled to the Underworld. They were also demonized to be a group of evil cunning foxes who were a danger to Vulpacea and were as bad as the Voidcaller.

Inari was shocked to learn about the true history of his kingdom, and couldn’t believe he was lied to by his own ancestors after all this time, keeping the whole forgotten war in secret. He understood the motive of the Court of Foxes and agreed that the Vulpacean had to take responsibility for their action, or the raven’s spirit will never be able to rest peacefully.

So we had to learn where the raven’s body was buried in the underworld now, and what needed to be done to calm the spirit. Inari said we might need one more help from the sage, this time in Leonis Empire. He hoped Priestesses of Orpheus would be willing to help us.

Chapter 7

We carefully climbed down the mountain with Inari to reach the desert kingdom, Leothasa. He was still quite shaken by the regretful history of his ancestors and was worried the Orpheus Priestess would reveal even more of his darker past. We assured him that everything would be alright in the end and that his plan to go on the mission to fix the past was the honorable thing to do.

You draw: The Emperor

Having a good, supportive father figure around is always assuring, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take authority and decide your own path. You have more power than you believe, so you should work on the goals that you want to establish, and take the crown as a ruler of your own life.

We arrived in Leonis Empire and met with Orpheus Priestess in the musalla next to the Ishbaala’s Mosque. She was dressed in a black and white robe with the symbol of Ubastet, God of Raksha, Anu, God of the Emperor, and Orpheus himself, God of Music and Poetry. She explained that her robe was a symbol of unity of all different beliefs in the empire, like how she was able to unite everyone with her song of gods from the Manticores.

We asked the priestess to sing a song for us about what she know about the spirit world and Raven’s history. She said that to do that, she would need inspiration from the northern wood god, Pan, who lived closer to the snowy mountain. Some musical instruments from there should do the trick.

Unsure about how to get the instruments here, we consulted with Amira for advice. Luckily, she knew a guy, Khatib Tahir, who collected instruments from around the world and sold them at the market, so we just had to go there and bought them.

We brought a few bells and other Pan’s Vale instruments to the priestess, so she kept her promise and sing us a song in her mellifluous voice.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
where should we go when the raven falls?
In the halls of reflection so bright,
concealed the dark secret from sight.

Buried, buried, in the sand
Below the stained glass, he was stranded.
His haunting made area prohibited,
corrupted the glass, to be Window of Spirits

The time, the time, it flew by.
His fey force will only be multiplied.
Only his own weapon would break his power,
So it was locked away, in the Crypt Keepers.

“Take wing, take wing, and hunt our prey.”
“Find the Wargares, and make them pay!”
Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
Where should we hide when the raven calls?

Remembering his prophecy about breaking The Window of Spirits, Inari immediately understood that we had to go to Crypt Keepers to collect the weapon, then go to the Mirrored Halls to break the window to stop the chaos. We agreed to accompany him in this last chapter of our campaign and went to the Underworld through the City of Thieves with him to save time.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t seem to open the gate to the Underworld at all. Inari was quiet for a moment, then told us that Harper just used the spirit to contact him. He heard from his sister that now everyone in Vulpacea knew about Raven’s secret, so to reduce the risk of The King of Ravens’ raid of their haven, her mother, the queen, had decided to cut off all Underworld connections from Krystara.

Determined to go to the Underworld, seemed like we had to go to the original portal in Sin of Maraj and tried to open a new gateway.

Chapter 8

It was another difficult trip in the Southwild, crossing The Maraji’s Spine once again up north to the capital ruins. At least we didn’t have to go to a different continent. Inari was strangely quiet the whole way. What was he thinking about? We hoped he was not still obsessed with his ancestors’ past.

You draw: The Devil

You are being controlled by your own thought, which tricks you to treat yourself with all your addictions, causing you to lose track of what actually matters. You’re in a risky situation, and now it’s your only chance to let go of your obsession and force yourself to move forward without it, or you might be forever trapped.

We had reached the ruins of the old Al-Maraj. Inari finally opened up about his state of mind, saying he was furious at how selfish his mother was to close the Underworld connection, making his goal more difficult. He thought Vulpacean was too much of a coward who couldn’t take the responsibility of killing The King of Ravens, so maybe it’s a good thing The Vulpphire Hunter had abandoned them, and maybe his kingdom deserved to be destroyed by the Fey just like The Maraji Empire. Maybe they don’t deserve mercy.

We were very alarmed by his wrathful monologue. It seemed the place was affecting his mind, multiplying his frustration to an extreme level. We explained to him about the Sin of Maraj’s history, how the Daemons who gather here can affect the mind, and how a troubled mind can also manifest a Daemon to reality. Just then, we heard a chilling cackle…

It’s The Bane of Mercy, an empowered deamon taking shape from Inari’s mind. She was blocking the original portal to the underworld, so we will have to defeat her to move forward and hope that will cleanse Inari’s thoughts too. We began to collect candles and runes nearby to construct an arcane totem that will create a seal to trap her, just like how the Lords of the Seven Sins were restrained.

Due to the demonic influence, Inari was trying to stop us, but we still managed to seal The Bane of Mercy in the end. Inari’s mind was immediately cleared, and he apologized to us and told us he didn’t mean what he said before. He still loved his kingdom, and want this problem to be over, so everyone could live in peace again with no fear, and no need to hide. He hoped Vulpine Watcher statues was able to guard Vulpacea long enough before he could deal with The King of Ravens.

With the Daemon gone, the way through the portal was cleared. We were glad we didn’t have to fight the Four Horsemen of Apocalypse again. With everything ready, we left Krystara behind and ventured to the Underworld, to reach Crypt Keepers.

Chapter 9

Inari went away with Amira for a while during our trip to the Underworld, then they came back in a huge pirate ship. Amira said Inari was helping her sneak into Blie Blackheart’s lair, and stealing the ship as a payback for the deamon’s past aggressions with her peers. Now we could use the ship to sail on the dark ocean instead of going through The Labyrinth. Reaching Crypt Keepers should be easier now, especially if we could avoid the Weresharks.

You draw: The Chariot

Your willpower will move your life along the right path, you just have to commit to it. Control your impulses well, don’t give in to petty revenge, and you will be rewarded with explosive success.

We were stopped at the crypt’s arch by a group of Relic Knights, troopers of Lady Morana’s undead army. They saw us as a threat, so they won’t let us get close to their commander. Luckily, Haunted Guardian and Spectral Colossus just happened to be nearby on their scout with their Crypt Hounds. They remembered our past visits, so they let us in to see her.

Morana was not pleased with our third disturbance of her resting place. She lamented that her crypt went from being a cursed forgotten place to the most popular destination in the Underworld to store powerful artifacts, like the Blade of Nefertani and Gobmother’s Orb. When asked if she know about The King of Raven’s weapon, she said she might know about it, but would not give it to us easily, as she doesn’t want to risk a war with the Feys.

So instead, Morana gave us a mission - finding the best Underworld weapons for her, so she could trade them for what we wanted. As we didn’t have time to search every faction, we looked into our armory to see what we had. So far, we found Eldrazi Wand, Jelly Shot, Writhing Staff, Night Dagger, and Jar of Eyes - none of them seemed interesting enough for her.

Inari suggested maybe we should present the Court Scepter from the Court of Foxes to her, as she might never see it before. We liked the idea, so we would try it and hoped it would impress Morana enough to persuade her to help us.

It worked! Morana said the scepter looked a lot like The King of Raven’s weapon, The Raven Sceptre like they were both a part of something bigger. Inari offered to help combine them, as he heard a fairy tale about a similar artifact from his mother when he was young. With some magic, he was able to assemble the two weapons into the Spirit Shatterer, a legendary hammer that could break The Window of Spirits!

Morana said she would let us borrow the hammer if we promise to return it to her after, as she wanted to study it in case it might help break her curse. We agreed with her deal, took the hammer, and left the crypt behind. The only thing left to do now was to enter the Mirrored Hall before The King of Raven’s plan of Vulpacea’s invasion come to fruition.

Chapter 10

Somehow, the bird was able to fly all the way down here in the Underworld. The number of them keep increasing the closer we were to the Mirrored Hall. Inari thought it must be because the King of Ravens was expecting our arrival.

You draw: The High Priestess

There are a lot of spiritual energies around you, use your intuition and try to understand how to use them. Trust what your subconscious is telling you, as it will help you unlock the mystery of life.

At the gate of the glass castle, the flock of Fury harpies was guarding the way. It seemed even the Judge of the Dead had heard of our quest, and was curious about our fate on this judgment day. We had to stay alive and fight through them to reach the Window of Spirits.

The reflective halls of the castle were maze-like and deceptive. We had to follow the Glass Golems and retrace their path to find a way out. Although we expected to arrive at The Mirror Queen’s throne room, the path instead led us to a secret hallway up the slope.

We found the Window of Spirits. The walls near them were now destroyed, with a giant hole in the ceiling, creating a dark pit that connect the Underworld to the Temple of the Moon above. This must be how the birds were able to get here. Rukh, a Fey follower of the King of Ravens, was trying to stop us to get close to the window, saying the murderers of High Queen Maeve’s raven must pay the price with their life.

Inari tried to reason with her with no use, but it helped distract her long enough for us to sneak to the window and used our Spirit Shatterer to break it. By the time Rukh realized our plan, we had already taken a swing.

The force of the hammer was a lot more powerful than we expected, as it caused the ground to tremble like The Colossus just walked past. The window itself was shattered into a million pieces, so the power source of the king would be nullified now, and that should at least stop him from turning to his dragon form and wreaking havoc.

Taking notice of our commotion, the King of Ravens had arrived. His presence alone was dreary enough that it felt like our spirits and mana were drained by his dark power. Everyone in our army was now too weakened, and only Inari alone was able to stand tall and face the king.

Everything was a blur after that point. Inari told us that he was able to defeat the king through a combination of strength and persuasion. The king still hadn’t forgiven Fox folks’ crime, but he was willing to see how his people will take responsibility for it. All that matter now, was that the Vulpacean would no longer have to hide, and the bird problem would be no more.

When we offered to escort Inari back to his home kingdom, he said he would instead stay out a while longer, especially to connect with his wargare brothers in Maugrim Woods. His sister Harper should be able to lead Vulpacea to a new age by herself. We complimented him for his brave decision and wish him well on his adventure.

As our own adventure was over now, we thought it would be a good idea to take a break somewhere less chilling. Maybe the Pridelands might be a good spot? We hope nothing bad would happen in Krystara during our short two-week vacation.

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