Will we really miss guild wars if it was removed?


So from reading your quote above you obviously equate playing long sessions with spending a lot of gems… And yet you mentioned your pro guild wars stance has nothing to do with the length of the sessions…

I play all day when I have the time, I rarely have to spend gems for that privilege.

As far as leaving guild wars as a choice, it sounds like your guild would simply do guild wars every week, and would ignore all other modes…

If guilds could ignore all other modes and only do guild wars, that would kill the game for a lot of people… Because of the guild wars ranking system any top guild that skipped a week to do any other mode would lose ranks. So you would end up with every top guild doing guild wars every week indefinitely to prevent them from losing their ranked position.

Lol, I’d be gone, and any future money I would have thrown at the game, faster than you can type Good Bye.

Are you bored doing everything but guild wars? Is it really the only game mode you find fun? If so, I am sad for you…

But Doom tower sounds really interesting, and for the f2p players, those that are in guilds will have it easy, as anyone in their guild that spends gems on the event will have extra chances to give their entire guild boons, and special unlocks… And help their guild rise up the leaderboards… That sounds very interesting to me, and exciting…

Fighting the same meta teams every day during guild wars, is not fun or exciting at all… Not to me anyways.

(Edit: Actually anyone that does tower, even f2p, will have a chance to get boons for their entire guild, that’s pretty darn cool).


No what i mean is it’s all the same event, the fact you adding scroll doesn’t mean it’s a new event. Invasion, raid, bounty, class event and doom tower are all the same s***

To answer your question i enjoy delve, pvp and GW but only because i am in bracket 1 because there is a good reward but if i was in lower bracket, i wouldn’t lost my time to do it


Tower of Doom isn’t the same as Raid/Invasion. Thank god.


What is different? You need sigils to keep playing and every time you beat a room the next one is harder. In my book it’s the same mechanic than other modes



Sure, you carry on with conjecture about a mode you haven’t even played. :rofl:

But anyway, as for the OP....

I’m neutral about GW moving to every 4 weeks. I seriously dislike raid and invasion is meh most weeks. GW is meh because I’m in a bracket that isn’t challenging and has crappy rewards. I don’t really enjoy any of the events.

From what I’ve seen of the new event, I personally like it. However, I haven’t experienced it in its total form since it is a guild participation event.


And that’s why i said from what i readed :slight_smile:


I could almost agree with you, but it has become my favorite event over time, though in a way I do miss life when we only grinded trophies on 1x and guilds were just made


Here is the poll. Please vote. Thank you!


I have done that a couple times myself.


Say goodbye to the best week to rebuild your gem stash if it goes away :expressionless:


I never really liked GW, but at least it didn’t try to suck every Gem from me, every week. I never really did the (Gem) Sentinels, so, it was nice that way.

But, that’s the new Gems of Wars for ya

Gems of War: Bleeding You Dry edition


I’m not here to argue whether i like guild wars or not although i will miss it once this goes into a monthly cycle.

What i want is some form of compromise from the devs on climbing brackets.

All 3 of our guilds are sitting in a low bracket causing massacre on massacre every guild wars against inactive or low level guilds and the option to climb is getting farther and farther away.

Can we not have the return of the registration system or climb brackets according to the scores we achieve?


How many gems did you get after sentinels, or are you not getting sentinels and getting 100-200 gems a week as a reward?


Guild wars costs me 0 gems since we aren’t in a high enough bracket instead of 1k plus I spend on inv or raid so. As a member of a guild who is desperately trying to climb to the top the bigger rotation will hurt that effort


Honestly, Guild wars are kind of awful. The actual event is just “do 5 PVP matches”, personal rewards are basically nonexistent beyond those of a normal PVP match, and the overall rewards for the event are a joke if you’re not top tier (and maybe even then?).

Raids and Invasions aren’t great, but at least your guild gets tangible rewards for doing them.


GW are ESSENTIAL to the money-making possibility of this site. They are really the only thing that keeps competitive people involved as a whole. Sure, the raids and towers and other events will occasionally spur someone to spend gems they don’t already have, but their competitiveness is quite limiting. You (publishers) also have to realize the reward for doing exceedingly well (top 20) in Raid/Invasion/NewMode/ClassEvent whatever is not going to really push anyone; first, the rewards are in-kind – you spend a lot of gems for the possibility of getting lots of gems (but actually a fraction) back. The only true prize there is the meta-powerorb for those people who want to finish their collection. (The Boss unit itself is kind of lame.)

GW on the other hand, is both individually and collectively competitive. The rewards are moot (bonus XP/seals,gems, yay), thus turning toward the intangible. It’s all intangible, actually, so here I mean even more ephemeral: the rise in rank, or a perfect 30-0 week, or beating that best score. You cannot and will not garner the same level of psychological attachment with the other game modes.

I predict that by making GW 1 every 4 weeks, you will lose a significant portion of spenders (you probably already have, in fact) as they lose interest – 3 weeks of being non competitive. Only the top ones will remain, and you cant find quite enough of them to fill 10 guilds, much less 50.

Make it 1 in 2 weeks and alternate the other events in between those. You will retain your player base, interest in the game as a whole, and increase bottom line.

The other thing you probably need to do is to make a Dawnbringer-class weapon that uses purple-black-green, also costs 1 million souls, or souls and orbs.


I wouldn’t miss Guild Wars personally but I know a lot of my guildies and a lot of other GOW players would, so I definitely hope they don’t remove it for good.