Will the fire bomb be nerf in next patch comeout?

i feel fire bomb will lose its empowered trait. if Dev consider 4x fire bomb defense team Violates the Spirit of the game. just like last time,single princess elspeth defense team in pvp.:roll_eyes:

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I hope you are wrong. I rather like Fire Bomb as it is. If the devs are unhappy with 4x FB teams on defense, I hope they can find a different solution.


The proposed exploder nerf will make them less likely to fill a half starting mana Sunbird with a single cast, so be prepared for some kind of nerf either way.

There will always be a quick weak defend team regardless of if they nerf Fire Bomb or not.

They would have to completely overhaul PvP, which I believe they mentioned they are doing later this year, in order to fix the problem.


Weak is fine i think, self-defeating is a problem. Just my opinion.

Made rewards interesting in pvp defence for example kind of glory bonus for turning different defence each day like in gw. 28 unique card combine with rankin leader board. Can you think different from nerf everything?

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If getting #1 on the PvP leaderboards was in the least bit rewarding I would care more. 50 gems…what a joke reward for 8+ hours a day effort.

Just enough to change hero class!!


That’s quite funny XD

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I dont see any reason to nerf them. The battles are not that much faster than most of the other ones…

No but they are freeking boring.
I know people doing this to get revenge battle but it’s not necessary, you can put whatever you want and you will still get tons of revenge battle

I agree they are boring. I just try to see if i can kill them before they self destruct. They are boring, and something really does need done about pvp. No nerfing, but updating pvp somehow

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If they do decide to nerf them I’m happy all my troops are traited and my guild does a lot of LT so I doubt I’ll have to farm for them. Feel bad for newer players though even woth all the other fast explore teams the fire bomb is the fastest imo

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I’m fine with bumping into self-killing bomb teams. It’s fun seeing how many I can kill. And it’s easy resources.

I’m not finding them do often that it could be boring (unlike fast divine meta). However changing pvp matchmaking, as others have said, would always help.


I’m going to laugh if the nerf comes to pass and most of the teams will be some version of a common troop that people didn’t bother to level or trait.

They should make the reward for winning on defense more appealing so we wouldn’t see that much Fire bomb team this way.

The incentive now is a lot in favor of loosing and getting revenge battle after.

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to fight over and over against psion/divine/infernus teams or troll/nyx/mab teams are not boring? hahahaha… i like firebombs

Yeah they are boring if you keep playing same teams over and over. But when i do 3 trophy battle i expect some challenge and most of the time the 4x flame bombs appear in the 3 trophy choice. This team should be in 1 or 2 trophy battle since you only need to watch AI suicide and give You the win. The pvp system need complete rework

As others have identified, the problem doesn’t seem to be the Firebomb troop itself. More so the fact that PVP is due an overhaul. The rewards suck. It isn’t worth the time and effort getting to a high rank/rank one for the paltry “rewards”.

PVP has become stale and boring with regards to the troops. It’s always meta teams. One battle in every. 200/300 I’ll see a unique team or non-meta deck.

I’ve went off topic a bit but felt the need to let it out.

This may be the first time those two sentences have ever appeared side-by-side on these forums. Gold is basically the only currency you can acquire and spend in unlimited amounts, and PVP is the fastest way to get it.

Yeah I wasn’t too clear on that, my bad. I meant the rewards for chasing top spots. There’s no real incentive except for padding your ego.

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