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Will skull damage ever be fixed?

The two main ways we all kill troops is with either spell damage or skull damage.
Spell damage has it’s own set of problems, but I would like to focus on skull damage as it seems to have much worse bugs.

Why is it that 2 , 3 matches of skulls will do more damage than a screen full?
Why does a line of 10 skulls deal the same amount of damage as a line of 5?
Why say CRITICAL HIT, if no extra damage is added?
Why do doomskulls constantly trigger instant kills?
Why do doomskull explosions sometimes count as skull damage and sometime not?

Can I somehow get a spreadsheet of exactly how skull damage should be working? There are so many problems I see with skull damage and I seem to be the only one who notices or really cares a lot about this issue.


As for how damage has always said to work I get. It just doesnt work that way. Whether it says critical hit or not it is +1 for a 4 match and +2 for 5+. So a board full of skull would deal base damage +2.

Gorgotha traits trigger for every skull hit whether they are all at the same time or cascaded.

Whether or not skulls are a part of damage or exploded from a spell they are doubled with hunters mark yet they are never reduced from skull reduction when exploded.

I have numerous instant kills recorded from single 3 matches with a doomskull included that does infinite damage with no traits to make it happen.

I could go on and on. Nothing is consistant and bugs are a constant.

Any examples you would like I would be happy to post.

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Doom Skull explosions don’t count as skull damage, but apply flat +5 damage (which isn’t a skull damage).

Try fighing vs eternal stromhammer (100% resistant do skull damage) - when you do any amount of skull damage - he gets hit for 1 dmg (even if multiple matches apply in a row, he gets hit for flat 1 dmg).

but if you hit him with doomskulls, he will be hit for 1 dmg from skulls and +5 for every doomskull destroyed.

So I am alone in having problems with how skull damage works compared to how it’s supposed to work? Bugs and instant kills are fine?

I think you’re less alone in wanting a bug-free game and more alone in the sense that you’re the only one seeing the bugs frequently.

Post all the videos. Maybe they’ll get fixed—probably not, but worth a shot :man_shrugging:


You are not alone. But its not reasonable to have high expectations in this game.

Thank you for your responses. You can consistantly replicate anything I have said except the instant kills. I will definately post exactly what triggers it when I figure it out, but it may not be possible from my end.

I definitely agree that the way Skull damage is implemented when it comes to long chains is problematic, I’ve just had next-to-no internet for the past little bit, so haven’t been able to check in… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Also Doomskulls carrying damage over to the next target… for which I do have videos, but life is busy yo.

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Agree on the crit part, crit doesn’t mean anything in thefame beside a cool flash


Earnham has already done a thread with detailed screenshots of this happening with instakill following the cascade from an egg thief cast. But it’s not the only example by any stretch. Many cascades do this when doom skulls align following a cast. I’ve lost and won games directly because of this bug. But i don’t expect a remedy because if the devs can’t repair the “create a gem” affix lunacy then a problem such as this is way beyond their comprehension.

These skull damages can go insane sometimes. Last Invasion event I won a battle with a skull combo at start of game that killed all 4 towers without me doing one single move! (the skull combo involved a doomskull and it was a result of the starting explode bonus from potion).
All 4 towers gone in 1 second…insane! lol

here is the video




Perhaps this thread should get moved to bug reports?

So here’s the deal. Skull damage related to cascade from doom skulls can initiate unwarranted instakill. This week’s new mythic is a doom skulls generator which traits a doom storm at the start of battle. The mana cost has suddenly gone up from 24 to 27 without warning or explanation. This is a recipe for disaster and colossal complaint levels because the doom instakill hasn’t been addressed. In P1 this troop ignores armour with skull damage but has only 25% reduction. We all know that means zip while the instakill continues unfixed. 27 mana plus doom storm at the start means you need to overwrite the storm if you ever hope to fill the guy. I absolutely cannot believe that this troop hasnt been delayed in the current status quo of devs not knowing what the hell their doom skulls are doing. The potential backfire here is colossal and the players will soon report it in droves. This makes doom weapons with ‘create a gem’ look like a lottery win.

I have multiple in bug reports. Got bored doing them. Nobody seems to care all that much. If more people actually start calculating skull damage and noticing everything than maybe this can get changed.


Hehe - that happened to me too, I just didn’t video it. :slight_smile:

I killed all 4 towers without a single move, explosions and skulls aligning killed all 4.

We did have the perfect storm, 5x skull damage on towers and bloodlust on Sir Mordayne.

So, 4 seperate skull hits is what we would need to do that. I was using Archmagus too if I remember.

Wider picture - there are too many skulls from skyfall imho anyway, which added with all the issues with skulls compounds further.

Most likely outcome?

Expect the explosion start to get adjusted, so skulls won’t count, rather than a look at skull damage issues however.

Yeah, hard to tell what exactly is going on. On my video, you can see something interesting though: Just before the skull combo, the opponent 1st troop have 208 HP and it die with receiving 208 damage. But the 3 others receive 5 less damages than their HP totals and still all 3 died. (205 HP for troops 2 and 3 but it display that they received 200 damage and troop 4 had 211 HP and it display only 206 damages).

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Funny that yes. I mean your first troop will hit the tower for 5x skull damage, plus enrage after first dies… :o that’s way more than 200 and their health is more than 200. Odd!

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It is definitely glitchy, completely opaque, and I would like to see it sorted out. Unfortunately, this is really something that as players is very difficult to catch until after the fact. Half the time when it happens, I’m wondering if it’s a glitch or I just missed something. Something like this would really need Dev attention and resources to fix, it’s not as simple as many of the other bugs that occur.

It would be great if there was a simplified reporting system, just for this problem, where players could just provide their account and the time of day the alleged glitch happened to the devs to really try to root it out. It doesn’t even have to be open to the entire public, maybe just a set of volunteers or something (just trying to find a solution that involves less work for all parties involved).

Does whatever system you play on not have the ability to record what has just happened? That’s how I get all my videos. I have like 50, lol.