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Why was this not a perfect score?

What bugs me the most about GW is the random scoring - based off some code that determines supposedly how well the game was played.

I went up against a standard Justice League team (EK/Val/Justice/Mab)

Round one thanks to the board - took out EK
Round two - Took out Mab
Round three - Val and Justice Poof

Why I didn’t take out Mab first round, Mab was not fully traited, EK was. Therefor he was a bigger threat than she was in my strategy.


What did I get for first round - 1191… 9 points I believe shy of the 1200 for that round.

If you can’t even know why you didn’t get those 9 points…and it was flawless. No missed 4s/5s. Order of execution based off threat. So why the lack of 9 points min?

Because it took you three rounds to do it. To get a “perfect” score, you need to win without making any moves.


How many actions did you make? Remember it doesn’t count turns it counts actions

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You also need to greatly unbalance the mana you get against the mana the ai gets. I usually get more than 1200pts from soldier battles in GW, I can’t be certain of what the max score is for the first battle, but I’d guess 1250pts.

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I have gotten as much as 1253

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It seems you lost much more than 9 points OP. You lost more than that. Not sure why, though. If you took lots and lots of 4 / 5 matches - that is what could have stolen your points. The more actions you make - the less points you get.

Don’t get mad at me for it - I think it’s dumb, too. I’m just passing on the news.

That is just so bizarre =

A game that gives you an RNG factor now also now costs you points? That doesn’t seem accurate.

Turn 1: 3 moves from board, 2 casts (EK), 1 auto skull attack (Val)
Turn 2: 3 moves on board, 2 casts (Mab)
Turn 3: 2 moves on board, 1 auto skull attack + remove (Val) + 2 Casts, (Justice)

Btw, the only reason I thought 1200 was the tops for round 1 - is that is the most common one I’ve gotten since the -second redesigns of points- for the first round 250. But we’re in bracket 7-10 and I’ve been either soldier or the next one up. Maybe that has to do with points?

You don’t get less points because you are a soldier.


I’ve received 1261 points from a Soldier battle before, but I view 1250 as the ideal score. And I agree completely that the GW scoring formula is opaque.

As it should be imo… Considering recent events i feel that it should be as opaque as possible

Disagree here, that’s similar to security by obscurity, it’s guaranteed to backfire. Keeping the scoring details secret is actually a blessing for those guilds who want to continue to collude undetected. It’s quite easy to set up defense teams that seem to perform in a normal way, yet still grant the invader 100 more points each fight than they would have received otherwise.


One other consideration is the guild statue levels

A total of +419% score bonus is possible in a guild wars battle, and all bonuses are additive with each other before being applied to the base score. You can earn 50% per correctly colored troop (assuming level 100+ guild statues), 1% for each action taken under 50 actions (can’t win without taking an action, so 49% max), and the other 170% being divided in some way between damage ratios (maxed out if you take 0 damage, or deal at least 4 damage per damage taken), survival bonus (maxed out if you end the battle with 4 troops), and mana gather ratio (maxed out if the enemy gathers 0 mana, or you gather at least 4 mana per mana they gather). An action is anything you do - take any gem match, cast a spell, etc. The best possible score for the first battle of Guild Wars would be 1298, since the 2.5 points you lose off the perfect 1300 score for taking a required action is rounded up. The best I’ve accomplished in an actual battle so far is an 8 action win I believe, with perfect marks in other categories.

As for reasons for your 1191 showing, since you are clearly unscathed and have four troops, you lost points from taking a lot of actions, not having level 100 guild statue (and therefore less than 50% bonus per correct color troop), or letting the enemy take too much mana, or some combination thereof.


I might be wrong, as far as I understood it max theoretical score for the first battle is currently 1300.

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I agree. There’s no substitute for 100% transparency where a subjective grade is concerned.

Jarius777, Guild level statues have nothing to do with scoring.

Actually they do…

Higher statue levels can have higher daily color bonuses.

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If OP guild statues are under level 50 this could very well explain a score below 1200. Max score with low guardians for a day is just over 6k and with level 50 guardians you can score over 7400 not sure what the max score is im guessing around 7500?

It’s not 1300. It’s somewhat less for the 1st battle.
… Just sayin’.