Why no "Deal double Skull damage to poisoned enemies." trait?

No sure of this is a feature request or a spoiler request…

Is there a specific reason for no trait like that? Or is it coming with the boost of poison?

And yes I’m aware that Webspinner has a “Deal triple Skull damage to poisoned enemies.”…

or a magic damage version of enraged …

Because poisoned enemies have enough problems already? :wink:

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Or magic damage version of granite skin, stoneskin, barkskin, and other skin…

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that would be interesting too …

Poison just needs to be buffed. It should act like in Pokémon, poison does 1/16 of max HP damage. Even with the 50% chance 1/16 should be enough of a buff, no need to go to 1/8.

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Which one?

Also but it was already confirmed by devs that Poison is going to have a boost (when that’s the question).
I prefer that Poison could be stacked at most 5 times (so 5 damage by turn).

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Any one. (10 characters)

Making it a percentage of max health essentially punishes players for progression. You take more damage for having higher health (which is bad for your Guild Wars score) and get a worse heal ratio (because heal spells tend to not be percentage based). I like the stacking idea better.

Stacking would punish early game players way too much. Poison is very powerful until you start getting kingdoms to level 10.
I don’t think scaling poison damage to a fraction of what max HP is would be unfair. Kraken’s tantacles deals a lot more damage than that.
If poison gets a proper buff it’ll pressure the enemy to either cleanse or finish the battle quickly since they’d be on a timer


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But thanks. It’s still not a double :wink: .

I think the main reason there isn’t a 2x skull damage vs poison, like there is does for pretty much every other negative status effect, is because poison doesn’t cleanse by itself. That’s the only reason I can think of for the devs not having added it yet.

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Yeah same conclusion. I was just hoping that one dev will get here and confirm it…

EDIT: but then why putting Webspinner’s 3rd trait?

Legendary traits have always been unique ones… So maybe it was considered unique enough at the time? (Though we now have Borealis with the same thing for Frozen)

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The same with Crimson Bat bloodsucking, the only way to revert it is to heal to max life so it stops triggering.
Legendary traits are special.

I’d rather have poison be very powerful against you until you start getting kingdoms to level 10 than once you start getting kingdoms to level 10. What’s the point it getting those kingdom levels up if doing so makes you more vulnerable?

Kraken’s tentacles is a legendary ability on a single unit that only deals a lot of damage in looping teams. Poison is a very common effect that is often applied as a passive bonus of other abilities.

Stacking poison would do the same. The difference is that you actually have to work for it, by applying it multiple times. And that you can somewhat counter it by having more health.

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Fair enough, all of that makes sense.

What I like with the stacking idea is that it becomes useful to poison again an already poisoned troop.
On a side note, it should be easy to max it with Euryali…

Else, we could combine the idea: stacking percentage of health. Start to 1/64 to 1/8 (min 1).