Why Flame Soul is the only dual-color Class weapon?

Why Flame Soul is the only dual-color Mythic weapon?
Can other Mythic weapons get a 2nd color?


Not sure about the “why”. But Dawnbringer has 3 colors.

I assume he means Hero class mythic weapons.

Yes, it is unique. That’s odd…

Considering how the hero weapons require 250 wins and Dawnbringer requires 1.3M souls… I wonder why Dawnbringer has 3 colors.

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While true, why isnt every class weapon from every Dual colour class (those whose mastery bonus id different to their magic bonus is using “colour”) also dual colours?
Examples from the most used/new classes
frostmage, blue/purple
Titan: red/blue
Dragongaurd: Blue/brown (although Dragon’s eye is too good in delves as it is)
Runepriest: Yellow/brown

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For you “dual-color” means 3 colors? :thinking:

OK fine since my post generated so much confusion, here is the version for people who need to nitpick everything:

“Yes, good sir. I see 13 mythic weapons in the totality of Gems of War, the puzzle/RPG game you can download for iOS/Android/Steam/PS4/XBO/Amazon. It seems that twelve of them are single-color, and one of them is dual-colored. But, also, one of them has three colors! I cannot come up with a good reason why they are not all single-colored.”

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Probably as bait, why else would you use Sunspear? :joy:

I changed the title so you will not get confused anymore :wink: .

Answered with action:

Flame Soul is no longer the only dual-color Class weapon, as there are no longer any dual-color Class weapons.


Good for consistency, kinda hoped it would go the other way though.


Simpler fix won.